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Hand Engtaved Plate Glass Mirrors ·


Quality Plate Glass Bevel Edge Mirror..Solve your decorating problem

and add distinction


your rooms at the same time. A splenditl mirror

like this will not only give true, undistorted reflection, but add depth and

glamour to the room. Rich line engraving increases the sparkle and bril·

Jiance of the heavy plate glass. Hand ground

beveled edges

are a distinguish·

ing feature of this mirror. Highly polished and well silvered, with a sturdy

reinforced back for added protection against breakage and to provide greater

light reflection. Fitted with strong hangers for easy hanging. There are

marly places in the home where yo\.t can use a quality mirror of.this kind

... let it highlight all the pbints of interest in your rooms. Makes an :deal

gift th:at will be used and treasured for years and years. Shipped freight or

express. Size, 36 x 26 inches.


NM 1164....-'Shipping weight, 39 lbs.........................



Kand Engraved Venetian Style Mirror. Add drama to your interior dee·

oration with this exquisite mirror. Its sparkling beauty reflects all the

charm and loveliness of your room and makes an ever-changing picture for

your wall. Mirrors also add depth to a room and tend to make the room

seetn larger .than it really is. Why not order two ... one for your living

room, one for your dining rdom. You'll like this mirror in both places. It

is made from clear, polished, heavy plate glass, with hand ground beveled

edges to emphasize its beauty. Rich hand engraving at top and bottom

adds a touch of unusual distinction to mirror. Back is strongly reinforced

for increased protection and added reflective qualities. Strong hangers at·

tached for easy hanging. Size, 36x;16 inches. Shipped by freight or express.


NM 1174-Shippinl!' weight, 39 pounds .. . ... . .............


Decorative and Utility Mirrors


Baroque Mirror with Shelf. See how little it costs to work out your own dee·

orative ideas with an attractive baroque mirror. This one features a shelf

or bracket suitable for figurine or as a novelty holder. Carved effect, gold color

composition frame. Overall size, 1Ox20


inches. Window glass mirror about

• 6x11 inches. (Ornaments not included.) .


N 01158-Shipping weight, 10 pounds. Mailable .............. .



Circular Baroque Decoratlvt. Mirror. A few of these mirrors tastefully ar·

ranged throughout the home make "bright spots" to emphasize the beauty

of your other furnishings. Frame is made of gold color composition with classic

utn and drapery design. Window glass mirror about


inches in diameter.

Overall about 14 in. Bracket at bottom. (Ornament not included.)

35 N 01159-Shipping weight, 9 pounds. Mailable ................



Combination riirror and facial tissue Dispenser.


prime necessity for the

bathroom and kitchen. Beautiful mirrored box dispenses facial tissues clean

and handy. Size of box about 2Y,x'5x10 inches. Window glass mirror abt. 12 in.

diameter Overall size about t'Sx15 in. (Tissues not included.)


N 1167-Shipping weight, 8 pounds. Mailable ....... ." ........


[) Combination Mirror, Shelf and Towel Rock. Base of hardwood, white enamel-

ed. Unframed window glass mirror about 11


inches diameter. Wood towel

bar about 14 in. Ion!!". Glass shelf about !3¥.\x3.Y.i inches. Unit size


about 14x14 in. Shipped apart, easy


assemble. (Towel not incl.)

35 N


weight, 5 pounds. Mailable ................ .









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Christmas shopping a

bigger pleasure. See



7 4C for details