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China Shell Vase

Lovely in pairs on mantel or

buffet. Glazed soft pink.

About 8 inches high. Ship–

ping weight, 3 lbs. 8 oz. Ivy

not included.

Graceful Swan Vase

Mother - of - pearl finish,

pink and blue blend. Plant

not incl. Glazed pottery.

About 5 in. high, SY. in.

wide. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs.

Cornucopia Vase

Lovely in pairs. Mother-of–

pearl finish in softly blended

pink and blue. Glazed pot–

tery. About


in. high.

Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 8 oz.

Handpainted Vase

Beautifully styled opal glass

vase . . . hand-painted rose

decoration, fired-on. Charm–

ing used in pairs. About 10


in. high. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs.

Harp Vase Wall Pocket

Smart standing on table, or

hanging on wall. Ivory-color

pottery, colorful underglaze

decoration. About



high. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs.

35 N 9611




35 N 9491 .... Each


35 N 9492 . ... Each


35 N 9436 ..... Each


35 N 9497.



Novelty Ivy Holders and Fish Bowl


Trained Seal Ivy Holder. This sleek seal has "gone into his act" for your

special enjoyment ... balances glass bowl expertly on his nose. For ivy,

or float a single flower. Black composition seal. Overall size about 11-Y, x 8

inches. Glass bowl about 4 inches in diameter. (Ivy not included.)

35 N 09781-Shipping weight, 5 pounds... ..... .. .......... Each



Swan and Bowl for Vine or Plant. Set this bright red swan "skimming" over

someone's table, shelf, or mantel for bright decoration. Swan is red com–

position with black shadings and gold-color beak. Size, about 11x7x5 inches.

Glass bowl, about 5 inches diameter. (Plant not included.)

35 N 09468-Shipping weight, 6 pounds .................. Each



Playful Kitten with Bowl. This playful kitten is certain to take anyone's

fancy. He's in two tones of gray with pink nose and mischievous eyes.

Composition. About 7

Y,x7 Y,

inches. G lass bowl about 5 inches diameter.

Use either for plants or small fish. (Goldfish not included.)

35 N 09495-Shipping weight, 6 pounds ................... Each


Quaint Swiss Cottage Weather Forecaster

•Lets you know about tomorrow's weather.... today!

•Indicates the weather from 8 to 24 hours in advance

•Easy-to-read thermometer on front adds to usefulness


Help someone "get off to a good start," be prepared for weather-changes in

advance! A popular favorite ... this little Swiss cottage made of walnut .. .

re-designed especially for Sears-to make it more colorful and captivating.

Gaily dressed Ii ttle people, now of plastic, take turns coming out. When the

weather promises "fair" the happy youngsters come out ... but when the

old witch appears, look out for bad weather. Quaint green roof, whimsical

red chimney, deerhead trophy, colorful bird are sure to take anyone; s fancy.

Indicates the weather eight to twenty-four hours in advance. Has an easy–

to-read accurate thermometer in plain view on front, which makes this doubly

useful as a gift, or for your own home.

House stands about 7 inches high, 4¥. inches wide, 3¥. inches deep.

35 N 9400-Sl:!ipping weight, 1 pound. . . . .

. ....... Each


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