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" The Glory of July"



Laurence Nelson . .

..... ..•

$8 .97


"Farm in Winte r"

by Theodore Kautzky ••

•••••.••.•• .

$8. 97





" Springt ime in the Be rkshires"

by Robert Ha milton


Fine Reproductions of American Art

Complete the Decoration ofyour rooms

Now you can own beautiful reproductions of famous American paint–

ings ... at prices you can afford . These reproductions of masterpieces

by many of America's foremost artists will fit in your budget ... fit in

your decorating scheme. From this outstanding group, you can select

magnificent pictures to bring new beauty, glorious color and rich distinc–

tion to your rooms. And they're just the size to be effective in a home.

You'll be surprised to find such superb reproductions priced so low.

These reproductions are so fine that they look like the artist's original

work. Each one is Verplexed .. . a special scientific process that dup–

licates the texture of the original oil painting. Delicate color tones,

even the effect of brush strokes remain. Like the original, too, no glass

covers the reproductions to lessen the richness of the pictures.


"The Glory of July" by G. Laurence Nelson.

This lovely still-life

picture is appropriate for your dining room as well as for your living

room. The bowl over flowing with fresh garden blooms brings the beauty

of early summer (ight into your home. Soft blues of the larkspur and the

rosy hues of the June roses harmonize with any color scheme. Deco–

rated hardwood frame 4 inches wide is finished in gold color.

35 NM 6505-0verall size, about 35%x29% in. Shpg. wt., 14 lbs.$8 .97


" Farm in W inte r" by Theodore Kautzky. Nestled in a blanket of

snow, the farm house and its surrounding buildings look cozy and

warm as the winter sun lights the clouds in the background. This typi–

cal American farm scene is particularly effective in a living room or large

hall. Decorated hardwood frame is 4 in. wide; gold color finish.

35 NM 6506-0verall size, about


in. Shpg. wt., 14 lbs.

$8 .97


" Springtime in the Berkshires" by Robert Ha milton. Sunshine slants

oetween silvery birches-beyond, a fruit tree is in full blossom. A

scene filled with the loveliness of spring and the beauty of New England.

You'll find this picture perfect with formal or informal furnishings.

4-in. decorated hardwood frame; gold color finish.

35 NM 6507-0verall size, about 35.r4x29% in. Shpg. wt., 14 lbs.$8.97


"The Te mple d Hills" by Moore Smith. The splendor and mag-

nificence that is America is reflected in this picture of her lofty

mountain peaks.


is the kind of picture that appeals to everyone and

gives the final touch of beauty to a lovely room. Gold-color frame of

decorated hardwood sets off soft greens and blues of picture.

3 5 N 0 6504-0verall size, about 337(x277( in. Shpg. wt., 12 lbs. $4.79


"May Morning" by Carl Wuerme r. So realistic is this gnarled apple

tree with its glory of blossoms you almost breathe their delicate

fragrance. In this picture, the artist has captured the spirit of spring–

tiine and preserved


for you to admire again and again in your home.

Decorated hardwood frame 2 in. wide; gold color finish.

35 N 06503-0verall size, about 33Y4x27Y4 in. Shpg. wt., 12 lbs. $4.79

[] "The Shining Sea" by Cha rles Vicke ry. Add a final touch of beauty

to your room with this excellent reproduction of "The Shining Sea."

The marine blues and greens of the swirling waters and the azure blue

of the sweeping skies will complement any color scheme you have chosen

for your room. This is the kind of picture that fits in with any type

furnishings. 3-in. gold-color hardwood frame with decoration.

35 NM 6509-0verall size, about 36%x28% in. Shpg. wt., 15 lbs. $10.



"The Old House" by G eorg e Drew. A setting sun casts mellow

lights on this peaceful scene of the old house. Even the quiet river

and the soft clouds seem to pause for this golden moment. A picture

that brings a feeling of serenity and a sense of security to its observer.

Smartly decorated 3-in. hardwood frame is finished in gold color that

picks up the rich gold tones of the picture.

35 NM 6508-0verall size, about 36%x28% in. Shpg. wt., 15 lbs. $10.



"The Little Ha rbor" by Julius De lbos. You'll share the artist's

love of this picturesque scene as you look at the tiny boats moored

to the quiet wharf. The early morning calm of a sleeping fishing village

comes to life for you under the artist's skillful fingers. This is a picture

that has a place in every home. Its colorful beauty is further heightened

by a decorated gold-color 3-in. hardwood frame .

35 NM 651 1-0verall size, about 377!x31Y4 in. Shpg. wt., 16 lbs.$12.47


"Autumn Terrace" by F. Ba lla rd W ill iams. For a more formal type

of living room, choose ('Autumn Terrace," a symphony of mellow

autumn colors. To give richness and interest to the picture, the artist

has painted stately ladies in silken gowns under trees turned golden.

This same feeling of richness is echoed in the 3-in. decorated, gold–

color frame that sets off the reproduction so beautifully.

35 NM 65 10-0verall size, about 3774x31)4 in. Shpg. wt., 16 lbs.$12.47

All pictu;es on this page shipped by freight or express except D

and E which are mailable. See page l 74C for Easy Payment Plan.