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:More and uore of America's trappers look to Scars

to get them every cent their furs are worth. They

know from experience that shipping to Sears means

higger fuL· profits. Why not let Sears get you top

prices for your furs, too?

When you ship your furs to Sears you get individual

and localized grading. Your pelts are carefully and

honestly graded by experts espe<'ially trained in

handling furs from your section of the country. And

you get prnmpt cash returns. Your shipment is han–

dled and marketed in a way we believe nets you the

highest prices-and a check for the full amount ob–

tained for your furs is mailed to you promptly.

Sears 17th National Fur Show

offers $7,590.00 in Cash Awards

Sears have found that properly handled pelts bring

the trapper consistently higher prices. To encourage

greater care in pelt handling, Sears offer $7,590.00 in

cash awards to


shippers during the period of the

17th National Fur Show.

SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO., Kansas City 14, Mo.

Please mail me free fur shipping tags and latest edition of "Tips to Trap•

pers," K241 N, which contains full details of your Raw Fur Marketing Service

and rules governing the 17th National Fur Show.


Rural Route____________Box No.-------

Street Address---------------------









E, ery trapper "ho ships his pelts to Sears Raw Fur

l\larketing Service has an opportunity to share in

the cash awards. There are 942 awards in all,

including 918 daily awards. The first major award is

Sl,000.00. EveL·y one of these cash awards is for

careful pelt handling and is in addition to the top

market pdce we get you for your furs. Remember

that all awards are extra-only handling counts–

not kind or value of skin. This gives every shipper

an equal opportunity.


pays to ship ,di your furs

to Sears Raw Fur Marketmg Servic<'.

Sears Special Shopping Servire

for Fur Shippers


Sears big catalog and this special Christmas hook,

you 'II find a great many things you "ant for yourself

and for gifts. Just attach your order to yom- next

fur shipment and take advantage of Sears low prices

on the things you need. We'll deduct an amount to

cover the order from the proceeds of your fur ship–



pays to Shop at Sears.

Send for




This valuable booklet "Tips to

Trappers" tells you all about

Sears nation-,dde fm· market–

ing service and how you can

get top prices foL· your furs.

It's packed "ith helpful tips. on

trapping, skinning and prepar–

ing pelts. It contains the rules

and full details of the big 17th

National Fur Show Cash

Awards ... with hints that may

help you, too, share in this

EXTRA cash. Every trapper

and fur shipper should have a

copy of this free booklet.