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New Corona Portable Typewriters ... just in time fo·r Christmas

Brand new Corona ·portables with standard 4-row, 84 character keyboards are again available! Each is equipped

with the exclusive Floating Shift ...

means only light type segement moves when shifting for capitals, etc.,

not entire carriage. Type is pica size, 10 characters per inch. Each weighs about 17 lbs. in case. Cases included.


Corona Clipper Portable

• Exclusive Floating Shift


• Standard 4-row keyboard


• Automatic ribbon reverse

• Two color ribbon adjustment

$12 Down

• Adjustable key tension

$5 Monthly

A handsome streamlined portable to delight any–

·one at Christmas time. Strong frame with touch

selector to adj>1st key tension. Type-bar speed

booster adds typing speed. Black crackle finish.

Pica type. Case included. Shipped prepaid.

Available after November 15.

3 N 04525T-Cash or terms ..........



How to Order Typewriters: All typewriters

are mailable but we recommend shipment

by freight or express. Please slate which ship·

ment is desired. Charges on portables are

prepaid either way. Due to standard prac·

tice on mail order sales of typewriters,

there is no extra charge for purchases

made on Easy Payment Terms.






Corona Sterling Portable

• Floating Shift, easier typing


• Extension arms give full vision



• Convenient tabulator key, ad-

j ustable .stops

$16 Down

• Ribbon reverse to save wear

$5 Monthly

Give your family a Corona Sterling for Christ–

mas. It's an excellent investment. This sturdy

dependable portable has all the fine features of

the Clipper model at left


other amazing

labor-saving aids. You'll find the handy tabu–

lator key with adjustable stops a great con–

venience when you're typing columns of figures,

spacing for paragraphs, etc. Folding extension

arms hold paper securely at the correct angle of

vision so· you can see both writing line and fin–

ished writing. A simple flick of the finger brings

the famous Floating Shift into action • . . it

saves energy and means faster, quieter operation.

A perfect machine for the home, for the student,

or for business use. Attractive black crackle finish.

Pica type. Case included. Shipped prepaid.

Available after November 15.

3 N 04521T-Cash or terms ........... $68.35


portables can

be purchased


Sears Easy

Terms ..

' @]

Corona Silent Portable

• Equipped with Floating Shift



• Standard width keyboard

• Cushioned tabulator and shift

• New forward swing paper bail

$18 Down

• Smooth writing, noiseless

$5 Monthly

Corona's fit1est portable operates



any sacrifice of efficiency. This extremely fast

and smooth writing typewriter is noiseless-no

clatter will disturb others when you use it on

trains, in hotels, in offices, or in your home. In

addition to all the features of the Sterling ma–

chine at left, this good-looking Corona Silent

portable has other advantages you will enjoy

such as removable platen ... two position paper

bail which swings forward for ease in adjusting

paper or making erasures ... cushioned tabu–

lator and shift for more speed and less finger

fatigue. Durable, attractive black crackle finish.

Easy-to-read pica type. Carrying case included.

Pay as you type ... use Sears convenient Easy

Payment Plan. Shipped Prepaid.


after November l


3 N 04500T-Cash or terms ......... . . $73.67




Payment Order