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SAYS:''@~ C@~




* Christmas giving can have an added pleasure if we take pleasure in our

shopping, if we avoid the last minute rush, the risk of disappointment, the


of delay.


Now, while it is still early, select your gifts in comfort. Plan for every·

one on your Christmas list and choose in leisure just the right gift for

everyone from Granddad to the newest arrival in your family.


It's so much fun when you do it the easy Sears mail order way. And

it's even more fun when you order early from Sears and have your gifts

ready, wrapped, tied and sealed in the gay colors that say merrily,

"A Merry Christmas."

*This year of all years you should shop early and mail early. Shop

early and you get the advantage of wide assortments, of clean, fresh,

sparkling merchandise-the very best the market affords. Mail early

and you insure prompt and accurate delivery of your packages. Con·

gestion of overseas and local mail is bound to overtax both transportation

and postal services. No matter how eager our postmen may be to handle

all Christmas mail before Christmas there is a limit to their physical

ability. They can't do the impossible. Help them and yourselves by

mailing early-really early. Today is not too soon. Tomorrow may be

too late.




Just a word from all of us at Sears: We know the greatest Christmas gift

of all would be the safe return of our boys from overseas. That we hope

and pray for.