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Matching Tables for new ·modern beauty



lustrous walnut finish

Square lamp Table $69


with handy shelffor mag-

azines or books. Simple styling


the modern manner makes this

ta\>le very effective when used in

pairs or matched with others of this

group in your 'home.. Table has at–

tractive fluted apron. Hardwood

finished in walnut, always popular

in any home. Top size, 18x18 in..;

height, 25,V. in. Shpg. wt., 15 lbs.

l 0NM 3757M....... .'. . ... $6.95,

Matching Radio Table $69


designed to complement

other useful, wejl built tables in this

group. Just the right height for your

small chair side radio; excellent for

reading lamp; use it too for a phone

stand. Handy shelf provides space

for magazines, directories or books.

Built of fine hardwood, finished in

walnut. Top size, 197:i'x14 inches;

height, 25,V. in. Shpg. wt., 15 lbs.

1 N 03708M-Mailable .. .


It's smart to 'use Tables in: pairs

Smart End Table to match $69


tables at left and one at

right. Attractively simple Jines make

it a useful piece that will blend with

almost any furnishings. Use it as a

chair side table, or in pairs at ends of

sofa. Table made of fine hardwood,

in walnut finish. Generous shelf

space increases utility. Top size,

24x13 inches; height, 23 inches. Ship–

ping weight,'15 pounds.

1 N 03556M-Mailable..•...


Cocktail Table to grace $798

the center of your room-

use it for easy, iµformal serving when

you have guests; in between, let it

display your flowers to advantage.

Clear glass inset in top protects it from

liquids or mars. Built of fine hard–

wood for long service; finished in wal–

nut to match other pieces in this

group. Top measures 33,V.x17 inches

overall; ht. is 15 in. Shpg. wt., 20 lbs.

1 NM 3669M....... . ...•.. $7.98

specially priced to save you money

Sheraton End Tables in unique design $1288

Hepplewhite lamp Tables, distinc- $1795

End Tables with bright mirror tops $2288

which you will find both decorative and

tively original in style, that would make


that will bring out a colorful new note

useful when you use them to Hank your


an excellent gift for the homemaker who


in your room setting, reflecting your


sofa or put beside favorite lbunge chairs. The quiet

likes 18th Century pieces. Can


used at the ends

lamps and other interesting highlights. Use them

dignity of these tables gives them kinship with your ·

of sofa or with lounge chairs-they lend them-

effectively at ends of your sofa or in other wayB

other fine pieces. Tops are cichly polished mahog-

selves to any number of furniture arrangements.

furnishings will suggest. Appropriate with either

any veneer; useful shelf and gracefully tapered legs

Genuine mahogany veneer; graceful oval tops are

modern or period pieces;· long, graceful legs and

are firie hardwood finished to match. Tables are

set off by a delicate gallery raU that rises a bit at

cleverly shaped shelf for.' magazines will contrast

well built for years of useful service, skillfully

either end. Deep apron has genuine inlay of con-

pleasingly With heavier pieces in your room. Table

finished by craftsmen for lasting beauty. Top size,

trasting woods. Convenient shelf. Top size, 21x15

is hardwood, fii;rlshed in mahogany. Top size,

24x12,V. in.; height, 22 in.

Sold only in pairs.

inches; height, 26 inches.

Sold only in pairs.

17x17 inches; height, 27 inches.

Sold on(y in pairs.

1 NM 3718-Shipping wt., 50 lbs . . . .Pair $12.88

I NM 3709-Shiriping wt., 30



~ .Pair


1 NM 3727-Shipping wt., 36 lbs .. Pair $22.88







shipped by freight or

express unless

marked "Mailable." Buy

on Sears


Terms. " .



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