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Y1 bushel


0-lbs. Prepaid


Luscious, tree-ripened Fruits and Nuts shipped direct from grower or packer

Delectable fruit and nut assortments ... shipped right from the grove or packer ... make gifts that are

different, practical, wholesome. On your order please give your name and print names and addresses of

persons to whom gifts go. Grower ships box with holiday greeting stating that this gift comes with your best


Remember, all shipping costs are included in the selling price as shown. Order early!

Almonds fresh from California


Delicious, new crop almonds-what could be

more appropriate for Christmas giving? Shipped

direct from the grove, freshly shelled. They're rich

in food value, crisp, foll of delicate flavor. Perfect

for snacks fresh or roasted. Also used in cooking,

baking and candy-making. Follow ordering

directions above.

*8 N 7856F-Postpaid ... .• 2-pound box


Fresh California Dates


A luxurious gift ... a delicacy sure to please are

these sweet, wholesome dates. Come direct

from the grower. Large, moist fruit fairly melts in

your mouth. See how to order above.

Available after November 1st.

*8 N 7859f-Postpaid ..... 3-pound box


Florida Fruit right from the grove


A half bushel of fresh citrus fruits averaging

27 to 30 pounds-and at a price that will sur·

prise you! Full-flavored, choice oranges and grape–

fruit, each one attractively and individually wrap–

ped, carefully packed in gift carton. Makes a gift

that is out of the ordinary and one the whole family

will enjoy. Order several to give to discriminating

friends who appreciate and enjoy fine fruits. Tree–

ripened, hand picked to insure freshest flavor. Avall–

able m full bushels also as listed. Bushels average

55 to 60 lbs. of fruit.

Follow ordering directions above. Because of

interstate regulations, we cannot ship to Cali–

fornia, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, or Washington.

Available after November




7854f-Half bushel box.

Express prepaid..•......




7855f-Bushel box. Express prepaid.




for any reason grower is

unable to make delivery before Christmas, o greeting card,

notifying the recipient that your gift is on the way,


be mailed before Christmas.

Twelve kinds of fruits and nuts!


Luscious, finest quality fruits and nuts in a de-

luxe assortment. Hand picked at the peak of

freshness, carefully packed, and expressed direct

from California. Avocados, apples, pears, pome–

granates, dates, persimmons, lemons, limes, grape–

fruit, oranges, jumbo walnuts, and almonds-all

tree-ripened and hand selected. A gift that is al–

ways right . .. even for the person who "has every–

thing." Think of the enjoyment these fruits and

nuts will give-they are colorful and tasty served

as appetizers, salads, and desserts. All the favorites

plus several unique kinds. Choice of ten or twenty–

pound packs as listed.

Follow how to order above. Cannot be shipped

to Florida or Texas because of interstate regulations.



7858f-20-pound pack.

Express prepaid........ .




7857f-10-lb. pack. Express prepaid 3.79



. .