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2'A lbs.

Chr istmas d elica cies to d elight the whole family

2-pound box of Candied Fruit


Choice candied fruit for special friends you will



remember at Christmas time. Varied,

tasty assortment, packed in an attractive box, cel–

lophane-wrapped. Included in this box of fruit del·

icacies are glaced pineapple, cherries, prunes, figs,

dates- also marshmallow and nut stuffed fruits.

So tempting you'll want a box for yourself for holi–

day snacks. Shipping wt., 2 lbs. 8 oz.

8 N 7808 ....... ..... . ... 2-pound box


3 pounds of Fan cy Candied Frui t


Our largest package of luscious candied fruit-

-in a delightful variety to satisfy the differing

taste whims of your whole family, or your holiday

visitors. Glaced pineapple, prunes, figs, cherries,

and dates. All neatly and attractively arranged in

colorful box, cellophane-wrapped for freshness.

Easy to ma ii, too. Sh i pp in g weight,

3 pounds 5 ounces.

8 N7810 . . . ............. 3-pound box


Horn of P lenty Assortment


A whole evening of fun will be wrapped up in

this Christmas package ... for refreshment–

delicious plain and filled cookies, assorted hard

candies, and fruit cake. For entertainment-a

novel kit of two games, complete with instrU.ctions,

that everyone will enjoy. A delightful gift. Pack–

age is wax paper wrapped to retain freshness.

Cardboard mailer incl. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs.

8 N 7865 ... .... ... . . . •.




2%-pound Candied Fruit Assortment

@]Taste treat for those friends who prefer fruit to

candy ... perfect, too, to send to men and

women in the service. Delicious, wholesome can–

died frui !-pleasing to the eye, but even more

pleasing to the taste. Includes pineapple, cherries,

figs, prunes and kumquats. Some stuffed with tasty

fillings. Cellophane wrapped tray packed in card–

board box. Shipping weight, 3 lbs. 4 oz.

8 N 7809 ..•........... 2;/,-oound box

$2.29 -

Ch ristmas Boot Surprise


Just what children will want Santa to leave in

their Christmas Stockings. Ten "yummy" lolli–

pops plus an interesting "Twirl Away" game that

youngsters will have fun playing with for hours, in

each cardboard boot. Six boots included in one

box; tops covered with decorated cellophane. Ideal

party favors. Will make inexpensive presents for

your children's friends, too. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs.

8 N 7866 .......... .. •... Set of six boots


G lass Toys Filled with Cand y


Children's favorite toys- Jeeps, fire engines,

autos, lanterns, and Scotty dogs or airplanes,

bulldogs and telephones (not shown). All filled with

wholesome, delicious candy. Your youngsters' eyes

will sparkle when they find these toys in their

Christmas stockings. So inexpensively priced,

they'll make clever favors for your holiday parties.

Shipping weight, 2 pounds 8 ounces.

8 N 7852 ........... Set of 5 assorted toys


Do your Christmas shopping on Sears convenient Easy Terms-see


174C for detailed information