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Thanksgiving and Christmas

soon will be celebrated throughout America.

Celebrated as never before in our lifetime.

For this is the year of Victory-and Peace.

Reverently we .will give thanks

for the glory so dearly bought.

Gratefully our carols will rise

to reach those who have not yet rejoined us.

Silently and prayerfully we will remember

those who will never return.

We here at home

safe in the land we love

preserved from the ravages of war

know that this year we have cause

to keep the great days sacred.

So we return once more

to the old ways and the old customs;

to the family gathering 'round the festive board;

to the bounty that is ours

as harvest days are over.

Again the Christmas tree will glisten,

the Yule logs blaze

and the presents made ready for Santa's visit.

Again Merry Christmas will echo and re-echo

as there is truly

"Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men."

This should be a happy year,

a year of memory forever.

For this is the year of Victory-and Peace.

Our wish-the wish of all of us at Sears–

is that your Thanksgiving

be the most thankful you ever had.

And your Christmas the merriest.

G. W. Cunningham,

Advertising Manager, Sears, Roebuck and Co.