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Doll House .


fully furnished

• Sears exclusive design; smartly decorated inside and out


• Sturdy fiberboard; overall size 28.Y.!xl 8x19% ·in. high


• 24 pieces of fine furniture: 21 of wood, 3 of fiberboard

Your li ttle girl's dream come true .. . a doll house with 6 big rooms plus library and den.

Cheery kitchen is enclosed in the wing ... sun deck above. Complete interior decoration lends

a realism seldom found in doll houses. Real looking painted-on fireplaces in living room and

one bedroom; painted-on rugs and pictures. 24 pieces of furniture include: walnut-stained

davenport, chair, radio, coffee table, end table and lamp for living room; table and two

chairs for dining room; bed, highboy, table and lamp for each bedroom; white enameled tub,

washstand and toilet for bathroom; white enameled table, fiberboard stove, refrigerator and

sink for kitchen. House is very sturdy, will last for

year.Ii. ofter November 1st.


N 21 05-Easy to assemble. Instructions included. Shipping weight, 4 pounds .... •$3.1 9

Sturdy Tekwood con struction •.. 6 rooms

Deluxe Tekwood House ... 6 brightly decorated rooms

Any little girl would be delighted to receive this beautiful doll house


for Christmas. Has 6 large rooms just waiting for her to set up house-

This stately colonial doll house with six rooms will thrill the little


housekeeper as she goes about her daily domestic playtime duties.

keeping. It's extra strong; constructed of tough tekwood (wood center with

heavy craft paper covering). Enameled in bright colors with realistic painted–

on bushes and lamp. Interior has lovely pictures, rugs and wallpaper painted

on. Casement windows and doors scored to open and close. Overall size: 25x

11 )4lt18 in. high. Easy to assemble; instructions and screws included.

79 N 02104-Shipping weight,


pounds .............. . ...... . . . . . $4.98

Made of strong tekwood (wood center with heavy craft paper covering). Exterior

is attractively lithographed in bright colors, with contrasting shutters and

Joor frame. Casement windows and door scored to open and close. Im–

pressive portico with two columns and doJr step. Overall size: 23Y,x10x17

inches hig-h. .Easy to put together; full instructions and screws included.


N 2103-Shipping weight, 4 pounJ; 12 ounces ....... . .... . .... . $2.98


30 ..



Attractive furniture for every room of her doll house on page 44