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Gay Cosmetic Sets created for her beauty and your budget

Tangee Beauti-Set. Smartly decorated

cardboard case containing flattering

Tangee matched make-up. It's espe–

cially nice for the Junior Miss. Set

contains small sizes of face powder,

cake rouge and lipstick in harmoniz–

ing medium shades Shpg.


6 oz.

Pond's Beauty Box for her Pond's

beauty routine. 3Y,-oz. jar Cold

Cream, 2-oz. Vanishing Cream, about

,>1-oz. box Face Powder, and small

sizes Lipstick and Rouge in medium

shades. In gift box. Postpaid.

Available after November 1st.

Champrel Bath Set. There's nothing

like a relaxing foamy bubble bath

followed with matching cologne. It's

so refreshing. Set contains 6-ounce

bottles of bubble bath and cologne in

assorted floral fragrances. In gift box.


Jeurelle Threesome Set. A lovely

Christmas remembrance. Contains


bottle perfume, 4-oz. bottle

cologne, 8-oz. box dusting powder

with puff. Comes in Apple Blossom

scent. In beautifully decorated pink

and bluegiftpackage. Postpaid.

8 N 9751E .......... ... . Set 53C 8 N 9604E ....... . .... .. Set $1.32

8 N 9675E .

. ..... . .Set $2.70 8 N 9663E .

. .. Set $3.60

Give her Glamour for her Fingertips


Grand Entrance Set by la Cross. Genuine

leather case. Metal implements: nail and

:utide scissors, nail file, tweezers, pusher;


;hade polish, stazon, quickseal, polish remover,

cuticle remover, cuticle and nail oil. Postpaid.

8 N 3965-Includes 98c Fed. Tax•. ... $10.98


Side Show Set by Revlon. Rayon case with me-

dium shade nail enamel, matching lipstick and

cheekstick, adheron, polish remover, cuticle re–

mover, tweezers, orange stick, emeries, pusher

and nail white pencil. Postpaid.

8 N 9713-Includes Sl.00 Federal Tax. .$6.50


Chinese Box by Chen Yu. Contains medium

shade nail lacquer with matching lipstick,

cuticle remover, polish remover, cuticle oil chip

check and lacquerol.

8 N 9634E-Plastic base. Postpaid . ... . $4.20


Pagoda Set by Chen Yu. Nail lacquer, chip

check, Fast Dry, lacquerol, matching lipstick.

8 N 9633E-Postpaid ......•..•...... $3.00


Glove Bag by Chen Y.u. Adorable rayon satin

bag with snap closing. Holds a medium shade

of nail lacquer, matching lipstick, polish remover

and Jacquerol. Case coines


assorted colors


contrasting lining.

No choice.

8 N 9635E-Postpaid .........•........ $2.40


Cutex Set. An inexpensive set. Attractive simu-

lated leather case with nail polish, remover,

cuticle remover, orange stick, emeries.

8 N 9671 E-Postpaid. Set ........... . ... $1.18


Winning Hand Set by Revlon. Clever set con-

taining color-original nail enamel in a medium

shade, oily polish remover and bottle of adheron.

8 N 9712E-Postpaid ........ . .. .. .. .. .. $1.20


New Era Set by la Cross. Give her this unusual

set! Plastic base with colorful cover. Has U -oz.

bottle medium shade nail polish, remover, cuticle

remover, emery board and cuticle stick. Contains

essentials for a c01nplete manicure.

8 N 3966E-Postpaid ............•.••... $.1.20






















Ann Barton Kits


14-piece _Manicure Set. Simulated leather

case. Two Y,-oz. bottles nail polish (med.

shade), two Y,-oz. bottles polish remover, Y,-oz.

cuticle remover; buffer, cuticle scissors and knife,

tweezers, 5 other items. Shpg. wt.,1 lb. 2oz.

8 N 9650-Price includes 45c Fed. Tax.$3.98


15-piece Manicure Set. Genuine leather case,

rayon lined. Contains Y,-oz. bottle nail pol–

ish in medium shade, two Y,-oz. bottles cuticle



bottle polish remover; buffer,

cuticle pusher, cuticle scissors and cuticle knife,

file, tweezers, blackhead pusher and 4 other ac–

cessories. Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 2 oz.

8 N 9647-Price includes 52c Fed. Tax .$4.89


18-piece Manicure Set. Pigskin leather case,

rayon lined. Six 2-oz. bottles, 2 each of nail

polish, remover and cuticle remover; buffer, file,

tweezers, nail and cuticle scissors and knife, comb,

5 other accessories. Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 8 oz.

8 N 9651-Price includes 98c Fed. Tax. $9.50

Prices include

203 Fed. Tax

where "E" is added to Catalog Number as


N 9633E)

.•• For