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Every child should have fascinating, Educational Toys like these.


Lok-A-Bloks. These blocks arc lots of

fun ...

wonderful to stimulate a child's imagination

and encourage creative play. Grooved on four

sides so they lock, a feature children like. They

can move things they have built without.breaking

them up. Set contains over 75 natural finish wood

blocks. Picture directions included.

49 N 3621-Shipping weight, 4 lbs........



Take-a-part-House. Something new in educa-

tional toys, sure to delight the little ones.

They'll have so much fun putting the seven brightly

colored wood parts together, creating a pretty little

house and tree. How proud they will be of their

accomplishment. Parts smoothly finished. Overall

, size of house,


inches high.

. 49,N 3856-Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 10 oz........



Kiddie Chuckle.


unusual toy for small chil-

dren ... just the


to keep them out of mis–

chiefand amused for hours on end. When the wood



turned, the glass ball and brightly col–

ored wood rings merrily tumble and rattle about.

Colorful decals. on wood base, gay painted trim.

Overall height, 8 in.; base,



49 N 3816-Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 12 oz.........



Sock-it-Bench. Here


a toy lively tots can

· bang, pound and hammer all they please and

no one will. say "No, No!" Let them hammer

away at this Sock-it-Bench ... helps develop hand

and eye control. Made of strong hardwood. Set

includes 8 large colored wood pegs in 11,Y4x47-1'-in.

bench, and wooden mallet.

49 N 3606-Shipping weight, 3 lbs..... .....



Large Beads


siring. Provide hwy work for lit-

tle fipgcrs. Stringing beads


a fascinating oc–

cupation for the young ones. Box contains over 50

large wood beads covered with smooth, durable ··


. Assorted colors that appeal to young eyes;

assorted shapes. Strong 32-in. cord has ferruled tip

to make stringing easier, avoid raveling.

49-N 4752-Shpg. wt., ' lb. 4 oz..........



Whirligig Block Wagon. Fascinating! When the

little wagon is pulled the four brightly colored

blocks revolve. Small children love to watch them

whirl 'round and 'round . . . thev'll never tire of

pulling the wagon. Carefully



ly finished. 1Y.-inch blocks are removable. Strong

pullcord attached to wagon, size



49 N 3636-Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 8 oz...........



Bag af Blocks. A great, big bag, full of blocks in

graduated sizes ... a gift to thrill any child.

Ideal for creative play. Youngsters will be busy for

hours building all kinds of imaginative things ...

Set contains 55 sturdy natural color hardwood

blocks, smoothly finished and waxed. Strongly

woven mesh bag keeps them from being lost.

49 N 3607-Shipping weight, 5 lbs ........



·3-in-1 Toy Set to amuse tiny tots. Assortment

of three wood toys includes a hammer board,


in.; a set of peg blocks on wheels, 67-1' in.

loug; and 8-inch peg boat on wheels. Excellent for

pre-school children . . . entertaining and educa–

tional ... teaches them how


use their hands and

helps develop skill. Well constructed.

49 N 3699-Shpg. wt., 1 lh, 8 oz............





Peg and Ring Pull Toy. It's fun ... it's educa-

tional! Fjve removable pegs and five gradu–

ated rings 'on 13-inch long platform with. wheels


pull cord. Setting in the pegs and stacking

rings in proper order stimulates a child's mind.

Made of sturdy wood, harmless lacquer finish.

Ring diameters, from 2 to 3 inches.

49 N 3850----Shipping weight, 2 lbs...· ......


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