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Favorite of servicemen


and abroad

Fun at parties

FUN with a Song Flute

easy to play . . . not a

• •


Here is the gift to make Christmas day gay ...

and fun for the rest of the year. So simple a child

can play it ... a real musical instrument, not a toy. Large enough to make a clear, flute-like

tone ... yet right size for


handling. Ideal for children to learn music. Send one to your boy

or girl in service. They love to play them alone, or form musical groups with these song flutes.

Well made of lustrous plastic with a shiny finish.


easy to play ...

as simple to blow as a whistle. Raised· finge_r holes in natural position for

easi(!r playing. Plays


scale. Instructions included. Note flute book at right ... it has

many popular songs that you can use. Flute is 8%' inches long. Packed in attractive carton.


N 910-Shipping weight, 5 ounces .................. . ............. ........... ... 94c

Christmas Record Albums for Children ·

Children love their own music ... R.C.A. Victor has a group of albums

just for them. Christmas songs . . . games . . . nursery rhymes and

popular songs in gay albums. 10-inch records ... number of record_s

shown in parentheses. Shpg. wt.,




N 5469-Please order _by catalog number and ti.tie number.

Y-1-The Three little Pigs. (1) Amusing nursery rhymes to

delight every child. Three Little Pigs-The Orphans Benefit. ..... 63C

Y-2-Uncle Mac's Nursery Rhymes.


Girls and Boys-Sing a Song of

Sixpence-Mulberry Bush-Ding Dang Bell-Polly, Put Kettle on 63C

Y-3-Roek-a-Bye-Parade. (1) Gay cover with gay songs inside. ·

Rock-a-Bye Parade-Ducklings on Parade·..................... 63C

Y-6-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. {3) With a Smile and a Song–

Dig-a-Dig Dig-Heigh Ho-I'mWishing-One Song-Whistle While

You.Work-Dwarfs' Yodel Song-Someday My Prince Will Come .. $1.58

Y-9-The Night Before Christmas. (1) Songs children never tire of. .

The Night Before Christmas-Jingle Bells Fantasy. . ............ 79C

Y-305-Singing Games. (1) London Bridge-The Farmer in the Dell.63C






Set of Songbooks

Set of ten books for young and old. Tunes

include Christmas ... western . .._hymns

... old favorites ... marches and dances

-363 songs. Shpg. wt.,-1 lb.



Children's Songs and Games. 40 pages offun.

Christmas Carols-32 pages of favorites.

Songs Never Forgotten-Like "Comin' Thru

the Rye." 40 pages of well known songs.

Old Time Song Hits. 40 pages of old timers

like "Silver Threads Among the Gold."

More Songs for Children. Pictures. 40 pages.

Homer Rodeheaver Gospel Hymns. 40 pages.

America's Song Kit. "Dixie" etc. 32 pages.

Cowboy Songs. 33 pages. Typical westerns.

Famous Marches. 40 pages.

Dances Old and ·New. ·Polkas etc. 40 pages.



4447 .

...... . .

Set of ten books_89c

Funwith'a Song Flute


Complete in–

structions. 15

popular songs

like "Home on

the Range."

Shipping weight,

2 ounces.


N 4616.. 19c

Children's Songs

Children's Christmas Party. _26 pages

of music. Pictures to color. Tunes

like "The First Noel."


N 4562-Shpg. wt.,


oz..... 21c

Sing-a-Song Book. Song-poems set to

musjc. Songs like ''Snowman.''



N 4412-S.hpg. wt.,



Kiddies at the Keys. Easy way to

learn to play the piano. Course,

solos, duets and songs in 27 pages.


N 4520-Shpg. wt.,


oz... ;43C

Snow White and Seven Dwarfs.

Songs children love-like"Heigh Ho".

_14 pages, 20 songs, 20 ·pictures. ·


N 4461-Shpg. wt., 9 oz.... 69C

Little Bookfor Little Children.Gay songs,

games, rhymes and pictures.


N 4443-Shpg. wt., 6 oz .... 29C