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Bath Luxuries are always welcome gifts

Bathasweet. Delightfully

perfumed water softener for

a luxurious bath. Decorated

box. Lovely Garden Bouquet

or invigorating Forest Pine


Stale choice.


8 N 9644E-20 oz. box. Tax

included... Each box


Old Spice Dusting Powder.

A smart suggestion for a

holiday remembrance.

Silky dusting powder scent–

ed with Old Spice. Large

puff included. Attractively

boxed. Postpaid.

Old Spice Toilet Water. The

fresh, lively scent of crushed

rose petals and spice. Amer–

ica's own fragrance in a light

toilet water created for mod–

ern women. In dainty gift

box. Postpaid.

Luxor American Beauty Buds.

Four cakes of rose scented,

rose colored toilet soap. Each

guest size cake shaped like an

exquisite rose bud. Comes in

an attractive gift package.

Shpg. wt., 2 lbs.

Roycemore Soap, A mild,

rich lathering toilet soap.

An attractive and inexpen–

sive gift for Christmas. 8

guest size cakes in delicate

apple blossom fragrance.

Boxed. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs.

8 N 5550E-7-oz. box.


8 N 5551 E-4-oz. bottle.$1.20

8 N 3775 . ...... 4cakes89C

8 N 4963 ..


cakes for



Gifts to Delight Her Fancy


Choteau du Pare Soap. Give a

practical gift--choose a box of

fine soap. Each cake of soap has

sculptured design. Richly lath'er–

ing, mild soap. Comes in three

fragrances, carnation, apple blos–

som or pine. 6 toilet size cakes of

soap in decorated box.

Stale scent.

Shpg. wt.,


lb. 12 oz.

8 N 9621 ....... , .... Box



Choteau du Pare Perfume Patti-


Dainty little paper

sachets to tuck in your handker–

chiefsor lingerie. Leave a delightful

light scent. Patticake sachets

come in carnation or apple blos–

som fragrance. Decorated with ·

dainty blossoms to match the scent.

State scent.

Shpg. wt., 3 oz.

8N9623E-Set of 6 .......



Choteau du Pare Perfume Dust-

ing Powder.

Looking for

gift ideas? Here's one! A box of

dusting powder. (For scented soap

to go with it, see

8 N

9621 at left.)

Attractive box (may be round).

Powder comes in carnation or

apple blossom scent. State scent

wanted. Shpg. wt.,


lb. 2 oz.

8 N 9622E . . . .... 7-oz. box


Choteau du Pare Set. Make your

Christmas shopping easy on your–

self and your budget. Make up a

set of patticakes (sachets), soap and

dusting powder in matching frag–

rances. Apple blossom or earna tion

scent. In decorated packages.

State scent.

Shpg. wt.,


lbs. 14 bz.

(Includes 20c Fed. Tax).

8N9624 ...............



~ ~





















Lift Her Christmas Spirits with Balpine



Balpine Soap. A gift with a Christ–

mas air about it-a box of soap

with the brisk, refreshing scent of pine


forests. This fine soap with its rich

lathering quality makes bathing pleas–

ant and luxurious. Gift box is dee–


orated inside with sprigs of Christmas

pine . .. holds 3 fragrant cakes of

soap. Postpaid.


8 N

4004 .

.... .. .....




Balpine Gift Set. Perfect to give at



perfect to use


all year long. This smart set contains

2-ounce bottles of Balpine Bath Oil,

Piney Bath Bubbles and 1 cake of pine


scented soap. It is a welcome gift,

especially for your friends who like an

"outdoor" type of fragrance. Postpaid.


Price includes 23c Federal Tax.

8 N

4007 . .... . ......

-· ..

Set $1.73


Balpine Gift Set. Surprise


Christmas morning with this fes–

tive-looking pine scented bath set.

Includes 2-ounce bottles of Balpine

Bath Oil, Piney Bath Bubbles and

hand lotion . . . each a luxury de–

signed to make bath-time relaxing.

The bottles are decorated with tiny

pine cones. Postpaid.

8 N 9841 E-Gift boxed ......



Balpine Gift Set. An ideal Christ-



for any woman on your

list. She'll thrill to a refreshing and

invigorating -Balpine bath topped off

with pine scented cologne. Set con–

tains 4-oz. bottles of Balpine Bath

Oil, Piney Bath Bubbles, 2-oz. bottle

of pine scented cologne .and



soap. Boxed. (1ncludes 43c Fed. Tax.)

8 N 4008-Postpaid .......




4 .




Prices include

203 fed. Tax where

"E" is


to catalog


(as 8N9841E). Buy on Easy Terms-see