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These sturdy wood Toys

keep lively youngsters

busy by the hour

Gay Horsie Rocker for tiny tots

Here's a rocking horse made especially for the



tiniest children. The platform is 4


inches $

from the floor--so low that a creeping baby can get on

and off without grown-up assistance. The long 17x7-

inch seat serves also as a leg-rest. Substantially con–

structed of fine wood; enameled red and ivory,

trimmed in black. Realistic. horse's head with wood

hand grip. Back rest to give adequate support.

Shipped flat; hardware for easy assembling included.


N 7526-Shipping weight, 3 pounds . . ... .$1.98

Jack's Pony, a wonderful exerciser

You can readily imagine the fun your young-





have with this spirited mount. He's

just what any child would want for an adventure in

the land of make-believe cowboys and Indians. Shaped

wood seat, 15 inches long, 6 inches wide, is securely

fastened with bolts to strong, flexible spring steel body.

Adjustable steel stirrups. Decorated horse's head is

- fastened "to seat . . . has two wood handle grips. Sturdy

wooden stands. Gaily enameled. Overall length 35


inch. For children up to 6 years.


N 07592-Shipping weight, 19 pounds . . ..$7.39





K M '
























Plywood Bench or Stool

Not too


not too low ... just


right for the toddler


sit on-and


Mother will use it to reach that high shelf or

clothesline. Made of ¥.-inch plywood; bot–

tom securely braced; legs tapered to prevent

tipping. Maple finish; colorful stencil on top.

Top 12x7 in.; 7 in. high. Easy to assemble.


N 8554-Shipping weight, 3 pounds. $1.49

Strong Plywood Wheelbarrow

Any little tot loves


have a wheel;


barrow of his own. This one is nicely


designed, sturdily made of plywood. Brightly

enameled side panels stenciled with amusing

teddy beani. Handlebars shaped to give firm

grip. Wood wheel 4}'.' in. in diam. Overall

length, 25 in. Screws for a§Sembling incl.

79 N07632-Shipping weight, 3pounds$1.98.



Slide for indoor or outdoor use

This junior-size slide, designed especially for 3



old youngsters,


ideal for year-around use . . . easy to

fold, easy to carry for use either indoors or outdoors.

The perfect Christmas gift for little tots who dream of sliding an<l sliding and sliding . .. a"- all–

weather, all-season plaything which


encourage them to exercise freely- will µiake them squeal


with delight. Since it's so easy to fold and carry, you'll let the children have this slide inside when

the weather is bad, and outside on warm sunny days. Mother and Daddy, you can rest assured tha l

it's a safe piece of play equipment, skillfully designed in just the right size for your 3 to 6-year olds.


They're sure to enjoy it any day of the year.

Strongly constructed of selected pine, this dandy slide is attractively finished in red and green

enamel. Every edge and corner is smoothly rounded and sanded, so there are no rough spots to irri–


tate or hurt the young rider. The sleek rain-resistant sliding surface gives an exceptionally smooth

ride, and the landing board prevents dangerous "spills" at the end of the trip.

Total size when in use, 37 inches high, 62 inches long, 13 _inches wide. Shipped collapsed and


hinged, requiring only two bolts to set up for use (bolts included). Shipped by freight or express.


79NM7217-Shipping weight, 28 pounds .

. .. . .. . . ... . $11.45

Make this one a truly


Christmas • • . get the ' children the toys they

long for. Use Sears Easy Terms and budget your payments. See page 174(