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Animated Story Books . bright colored illustrations in each one really move

In Story Land . . . a d iorama book

Look through the cellophane window


Ka tzenjammer Kids. Fa-


miliar Ii ttle comic strip

characters move about in life–

like fashion to perform their

amusing pranks. 30 colorful

pages. Stiff cover with spiral

binding. Availa ble a fter Oct. 20.

Benny Be a ve r and Fuzzy



Youngsters will

The Toodles. _Right from


the comic strip come the

in the cover of this amazing book.


shout with laughter as Benny and

Fuzzy frolic with real-as-life

motions through 30 gav-colored

pages. Stiff cover with spiral

binding. Ava ilable after Oct. 20.

Toodles Twins. They romp and

play in real-life manner through

the bright-colored pages of this

book. 30 pages, stiff cover. Spiral

binding;. Ava ilable afte r Oct. 20.

See the enchanting picture of fairyland! Now

turn the pages one by one and see how the

exciting characters in each story fit together to

add richness and depth to this picture. 12

fairy tales in all with lovely illustrations.



1864 --Postpaid ...... .4 8c



1869- Postpaid ....... .48c



1861 - Postpaid ........ 48c



1834-Stiff cover. .•...... ..Postpaid 98c

T reasure Box . 16 children's Book s in pop - u p box

Open the lid of the box ... and up pop cunning animals

in gay costumes. Books with pictures and a story

about each animal are tucked inside colorful box

As exciting as the contents of Santa's pack is this Treasure Box for boys and


girls. Can't you just see the youngsters' delight when they lift the lid of the box


and up pop real-as-life cut outs of eigh.t little animals dancing and playin.g

while- old Mr. :Moon beams down on them. And more fun yet! 16 delightful books are

neatly packed inside this wonderful box. Pictures in brilliant colors and a few lines of

easy-to-read print on each page tell about the amusing; antics of the Playful Calf, the Timid

Bunny, the Sassy Squirrel, the Boastful Bear, Greedy Pig, the Lazy Little Beaver, the

Stubborn Little Donkey, Grumpy Goat, Busy Bullfrog, Hungry Brownie Bear, the Lucky

Little Hen, the Silly Goose, the Little Owl who was afraid of the dark, the Rooster who

liked to brag, the Selfish Little Puppy and the Little Duck who wanted to travel. A perfect

gift for Santa to leave under the tree for the kiddies. Each book, size, 5.){x7Y. inches,

contains 12 novelty cut pages. Box size, 11




3 N 1866-Postpaid . . .. . ...... . .. . ... .. . . ... . ..........16 books in pop-up box 44 c

Julius, the Galloping Engine

"Chug, Chug!", pants Julius, the Gal–

loping Engine, as he pulls his train of

eleven merry little cars behind him

Read about Julius, the Galloping Engine, and the cars


that follow behind. Stand them up! Hook them to-

gether! Pull them across the floor! Each sturdy little

car is made from folded cardboard with pictures on both sides and

a wonderful story inside. Girls and boys alike will love merry–

hearted Julius and the exciting tales he can tell of his travels. But

Julius isn't the only car in this train that has adventures. No, in–

deed! Each busy little car down to Pinky, the Caboose, knows the

the marvels of real trains ... and describes them in his own little

story. But ... " Toot, toot," Julius is ready ... and away the train

goes on its travels. A dandy holiday gift for the youngsters. Each

car, size 7 ;.1'x5,Vz inches.


3 N 18§6- Postpaid ... . ••. • •• ... ... . . 12 cars in colorful box 44c

Children's books may be purchased


Sears Easy Payment Plan.


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