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3-piece Set priced to fit any budget

This 3-piece Dresser Set is especially designed for budget-minded Christmas



shoppers. An amazing value! Outstanding in style, smartness and price. Slender,

graceful pieces are made from clear plastic that's so popular for dresser sets.

Lovely old-fashioned floral pattern on pastel colored backs of mirror and brush is



framed in crystal-color acetate plastic to match handles and comb. Oval-shaped hand mirror

and brush are dainty and simple ... just what she'd choose herself for her dressing table. Length

of hand mirror, 13 inches. In lined box. Your choice of delicate rose or blue backs.

State color.

8 N 9710-Shipping weight, 2 pounds 3 ounces .. .. ..... . . . . •. ... ... . .3-piecc set




She'll treasure these dainty , u seful

set s


Baby's 2-piece Lucite Set. Child'ssize comb

and brush for the Iittle one's very own.

4Y,-inch brush is bristled with white horsehair.

Gleaming Lucite comb has smoothly polished



transparent gift box.

8 N 9729-Shpg. wt., 1 lb ...... Set


[[] Lucite Hand Mirror. Crystal color sparkling

Lucite with attractive twisted handle. Has

plain and magnifying mirrors. Overall lgth.

11 inches; diameter, 5 inches.

8 N 6260-Shipping wt., 8 oz .. Each




Professional Style 2-piece Set. Comb and

brush in mahogany colored plastic. A prac–

tical gift. Professional style brush with genu–

ine bristles. 7_K-in. brush; 5Y,-in. comb.

8 N 9917-Shipping weight, 8 oz. Set



Round shape 3-piece Mirror-bock Lucite

Plastic Set. Each lovely piece casts reflec–

tions in its mirror back-the clear, glistening

Lucite catches tiny beams of light. Handles

are of Lucite in delicate carved-effect. 12-

inch mirror-back hand mirror; hair brush

and handle-style comb.

8 N 9678-Shipping wt., 2 lbs. 6 oz .



3-piece Professional style de luxe Set-

Nylon bristles. Transparent plastic that

sparkles like a jewel in a gift she'll treasure.

Professional style brush bristled with white

nylon. 10-in. double-faced mirror, one side

ma·gnifying, the other plain. 6}:\'-in. comb.

State color choice.

Rose or blue.

8 N 991 B-Shipping wt., 2 ibs. 8 oz.




"Round-the-Neck " Mirror

She'll appreciate your thoughtfulness when



you give her this unusual make up mirror

that will simplify her daily beauty routine.

A "must" for her dressing table. Hangs around the neck;

leaves both her hands free to apply make-up or arrange her

hair. Adjusts to any angle. Mirror frame is attractive ivory–

colored metal, light in weight. Double mirror has plain and

magnifying sides. Mirror may be folded flat when not in

use. Size when folded, 13


inches long.

It's also a most welcome gift for the sick. Because of its

great adjustability and its "hands-free" feature, invalids

find this mirror almost indispensable. May also be used as a

standing mirror for dressing ti!ble or bureau. Mirror size,


inches in diameter: Shipping weight, 1 pound 6 ounces.

8 .!'19691 . . . . .•. . . . . .. • . .. . . . ..... . .•.... Each$1.89






Dresser Sets, like everything Sears sells, are available


"Easy Terms.


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