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Wholesome Books for children who like to read

Cherry Ames Se_ries.



Vivid and exciting


Drew Mysteries.


Stiff cover binding.

Lucky Terrell Books.


True-to-life exploits .

of daring war-time fliers. Full

ofexcitement and thrills. Each

one is a perfect gift for boys

from 1O to 16 years. Why not

select several for Christmas

gifts? Stiff cover binding.

Spitfire Pilot (2)

stories about a girl who chose

nursing as her career. ·Girls

from 10 to 15 years old won't

want to miss this fascinating

series. Stiff cover binding.

Cherry Ames Student Nurse

Haunted Bridge (88)


Whispering Statue (89)

Clue of the Tapping Heels (87)

Mystery of Brassbound Trunk



Mystery of Moss Covered

Mansion (112)

CherryAmes Senior Nurse (91)

Cherry Ames Chief Nurse (92)

Cherry Ames Army Nurse (93)

Cherry Ames Flight Nurse (94)

SIBie catalog no., title, title no.

3 N 1708 ..... Postpaid 58c

Clue in the Crumbling Wall (81)

Quest of the Missing Map (84)

Clue in the Jewel Box (83)

Secret in the Old Attic (82)

State catalog no., title, title no.

Sky Attack (3)

Secret Mission (4)

Lost Squadron (5)

Springboard to Tokyo (6)

State catalog no., title, title no.

3 N 1709 ...... Postpaid 58c

3 N 1713 ....... Postpaid 58c

Unusual Books like these make delightful holiday gifts

Very young people from 3 to 7 will dance with excitement when

they spy these novelty books among their Christmas gifts. Send

your order for several and avoid last minute holiday shopping


Friendly Farm Panoramc;i. All tlie


fun·and fascination of farm life un–

folds in this new and colorful Pano-

rama. Measures over 10 feet when fully extended

and shows twenty different animals in the sunny

surroundings of .farm life.

3 N 1890-Durably made. Postpaid ..... $1.43


Freddy and the Fire Engine. 16-page ani-

mated book with bright-colored pictures that

really move. See the wheels of the big red fire

engine go round as _it speeds down the street.

3 N 1887-Stiff cover. Postpaid..........


@)The Circus Panorama. Just like a real circus is

this brilliantly colored panorama. Open it out



full 1


inches ... a circus parade·marches

before your eyes. On the inside panels are circus

acts, wild animals, the crowds!

3 N 1895-Heavy cardboard. Postpaid ....



Mother and Baby Animal Books.


Absolutely new ... definitely dif-


ferent ... completely fascinating! 4

books cut in the shape of animals with pictures of

mother animals printed in natural colors on

front and back covers. Cunning baby animals,

also in color, are inserted in slot in front covers

and can easily be removed to stand up. Each big

booJ<, size 9x12 inches, contains a 16-page ani–

mal sto_ry with illustrations on every page.

3 N I 888-Stiff cover bindings.

Set of 4 books. Postpaid ................. 98c


Animated Night Before Christmas Poem.

Watch for Santa through the little window

that opens; see his eyes twinkle, his big paunch

jiggle like a bowl ofjelly. You'll laugh as heartily

as he. And you'll love the familiar poem.

3 N I 882-Stiff cover. Postpaid ... ·......


































Religious Books for children

Teach your children at an

early age to know the glory

and the beauty of religion

The Infant Christ- the story of the


Christ-child so simply and beautifully


told that young minds will understand

and love it. Full of richly•colored illustrations. 60

pages. Size, 9y.\xl 1



3 N I 65 I-Stiff cover ........... Postpaid 78c

Prayers and Hymns. Carefully selected prayers

and hymns are simple enough for a child to learn

easily yet so inspiring that young&ters will love and

remember them always. 36 pages with beautiful

full color pictures. Size, 9x12 inches.

3 N I 653- Stiff cover ........... Postpaid


One G0d. This is the story of the three great

religions of America.


will help children see the

relation of religion to their. daily lives and help

them understand and respect religions other than

their own. 144 pages

3 N I 656- Stiff cover .......... Postpaid








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