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10-K gold Rosary

This magnificent real gold rosary

is the loveliest gift you could give

a;.y Catholic. The entire rosary

is made from 10 karat yellow gold.

Each perfectly rounded bead as

well as the centerpiece andfthe

Cross with raised Corpus are ex–

amples of finest workmanship.

About 14 inches long. Select this

superb rosary as a special gift for'! .

Catholic friend or relative. It.will

be doubly appreciated, first, for

its beauty, secondly, because reci–

tation of the rosary is a favorite·

prayer with Catholics. This ro–

sary in gift box will be a treasured

possession of its owner always.

Shipping weight, 7 ounces.

3 N 07656 ............. $27.88

Religious articles for Catholics

approved by the Holy Name Society

Catholic friends and relatives on your Christmas list will be pleased with a religious gift.

Why not give them a beautiful rosary or a religious article for their home? Either

one is a thoughtful gift and expresses the spirit of Christmas in a way they'll like


Sterling Silver Rosory.



given to details makes this one of the most

exquisite rosaries imaginable. Elaborate

Cross with raised Corpus. Abt. 17



·3 N 7651 -Shpg. wt., 5 oz....... .




·Simulated Pearl Rosary. Lustrous pearl

beads on sterling silver chain. Silver cen–

terpiece and cloverleaf Cross with raised

Corpus. About 18


in. long.

3 N 7650-Shpg. wt., 5 oz........




Our Finest Glass Bead Rosary. Round

beads gleam like jewels on sterling silver

chain; silver centerpiece .and cloverleaf Cross

with raised Corpus. Abt. 16Y, in.

State color:

amethyst, aqua blue or ruby.

3 N 7649-Shpg. wt., 5 oz .•.......


Men's Black Plastic Bead Rosary (not shown).

Same quality as 3 N 7649 above.

3 N 7661 -Shipping weight, 5 oz ....



Glass Bead Rosary. Sparkling glass beads

are cut to look like precious gems. Chain,

Cross and centerpiece are nicely made of sil–

ver-colored IT)etal.


stale color:


emerald, topaz or jet (black).

3N7652-Abt.16Y, in.


.,5 oz.$1.57


Black Bead Rosary. Round t¥ack lac–

quered beads with Cross,



chain of silver-colored metal.

3N7616-Abt.'17 in. Shpg. wt., 3 oz ..



Sterling Silver Miraculous Medal with

24-inch sterling silver chain. To be worn

in honor of Mary, Mother of Christ.

3 N 7627-Shipping weight, 3 oz. . .




Sterling Silver Cruciform Medal, with

strong 24-inch sterling silver chain. Com–

bination St.Joseph, St. Christopher, Miracu-

lous and Scapular medals:


3 N 7624- Shipping weight, 3 oz ....


Rosaries may vary slightly from illustrations


Holy Water Font to use in your own home. Made from

artistically molded plastic that resembles real marble. To

hang on wall. Size, about 7 inches high.

3 N 7664-Shipping weight, 8 ounces ........... Each



Sacred Heart Plaques. Colored pictures ofJesus and Mary.

Figures are slightly raised from background to give them

life-like appearance. Reproduced in pastel colors on heavy

fiberboard. Gold-color wood frames, size, 4Y,x6,V. in.

3 ·N 7663-Shipping weight, pair, 12 ounces ..... Pair



Sick Call Set contains articles necessary for administration

of Last Sacrament. Approved by Holy Name Society.

Polished black walnut Cross with mother-of-pearl inlay; 22K

gold-plated Corpus. Lift Cross at base, hollow interior holds

2 beeswax candles, bottle for Holy Water, Communio.n cloth'

and cotton. Cross snaps easily back in place to hang on wall

when not in use. Size, about .12Y,x7}.\xl j{ inches.

3 N 7655-Shipping weight, 1 pound 8 ounces. Set



Sacred Heart Shrine. Beautiful picture of the Sacred Heart

is framed in painted glass shadow box. Kidney-shaped base

with votive candle in ruby glass holder. 8x10,V. in.

3 N 7648-Shipping weight, 3 pounds ..... Complete







Books for Catholics




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make nice

gifts, too