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Lovely religious gifts for Catholic boys and girls

Pray Always-child's prayer book written in words

that children understand. Size, 2Y,x4 inches.

3 N 7645-Blackleather binding. Postpaid .. $1.77

3 N 7646-White leather binding. Postpaid.. 1.77

Catholic Coloring_ Box contains paperbound book

about the Way of the Cross and bright crayons. Chil–

dren love coloring the inspiring pictures.

3 N 7601-Shippingwelght; 8 ounces.


Catholic Child's Hymn and Prayer Book. Selected

prayers and hymns simple enough for child to learn

..easily. 36 pages with Jovely full color pictures.

3 N 7600-Stiff cover, size, 9x12 in. Postpaid .. 91C

Young Jesus of Nazareth. Beautiful story of the boy

Christ that children will love always. 30 pages, 16 in

bright colors. Large, easy-to-read print.

3 N 7640-Stiff cover, size, 8rsxl 1 in. Postpaid.83C


Child's Miraculous Medal. Sterling silver

medal with 13Y,-in. sterling chain. To be

worn in honor of the Mother of Christ.

3 N 7623-Shpg. wt., 2 oz ........ . . $1.28

[[] Child's Rosary. Sterling silver with cut glass

beads. About 14


in. long.

State color:


sapphire, topaz or jet (black).

3 N 7653-Shpg. wt., 4 oz. ...... .. .. $2.27

.Unusual and uset:ol 'gift suggestions to make Christmas giving fun

Select a practical gift as well as an entettaining gift this Yuletide


The new mod–

eling kit is ideal for students and adults. The pencil case and school bag are excellent

suggestions for students . . . and the Disney cartoons are fun for the whole family

New! Complete Modeling Kit. Here is


an excellent Christmas gift suggestion

for students or adults. Give this com-

plete set to convalescents, disabled veterans and

shut-ins. Makes leisure hours more enjoyable. Set

contains three 1-lb. packages Plastalena clay, two

5-lb. cans Model Light, three 2-oz. jars clay enamel


red, yellow and blue), one brush, two model–

ing tools and instruction pamphlet. -

Practice first with Plastalena. This i;a clay which

never Jiardens--can be used over and .over again.

Then copy your work with Model-Light ... a clay

that becomes as hard as stone. It.requires no casting

or firing. Use Model-Light for permanent gifts and

keepsakes. Make attractive objects for your home.

Ideal for costume jewelry such as lapel ornaments,

beads, earrings; for novelties, book ends, pottery,

sculpture. Between working periods, cover your un–

finished piece with a damp cloth to prevent clay from

drying. Decorate finished model with clay enamel.

3 N 05239-Shipping weight, 16 lbs ....... $4.37



Queen Anne Plaid School Bag. A



timely gift suggestion for the children

at Christmas time. Made of sturdy cotton

cloth with water-resistant lining ... to keep books,

papers and lunches dry. Attractive imitation leather

trim. Your choice of either genuine leather carrying

handle style or shoulder strap style. Leather buckle

straps. Has roomy lunch pocket, pencil case and

name plate. Bag size, 14x10 inches.

3 N 4961-Carryinghandle. Shpg. wt., 14oz.$1.44 -

3 N 4962-Shoulder strap. Shpg. wt., 14 oz. 1.44


Genuille leather Pencil Case. Just the kind of

case every student wants to own. Handy zipper

closing keeps pencils intact. Popular with ·both·boys

and girls. Contains 8 eraser-tipped pencils, 6-inch

ruler, penholder and pen point. The convenient

extra pocket (with 2 snap fasteners) is ideal for carry–

ing change or a handkerchief to and .from schopl.

Comes in assorted colors. Size: 8j{x5 inches.

3 N 4804-Shipping weight, 8 ounces . .. ... $1.33


for everyone

at Sears! Stretch your Christmas cash

. ..

use Easy Terms

.. .

see page




.Disney Characters in Kodachrome




Slides. Fun for the children ...

entertainmellt for adults, too.

35-mm. slides in color. Set of 10 slides with each

title. (For viewer and slide set, see below.)



10 close-ups·of Disney folk. Also

the following stories in 10 slides. Numbered in

sequen,cc, with story beneath each.

Story of Pinocchio:

his exciting adventures. -


Snow White and 7 Dwarfs: beloved by everyone:

Story of Bambi:

the tiny deer and his friends.

Dumbo: lovable elephant with big, floppy ears.

3 N

6676-Stata title.

Shpg. wt., 3 oz.


Combination Set of Viewer and Slides. · This

sturdy, compact plastic viewer gives brilliant

three-dimensional effects to Disney transparen–

cies, plus other 35-mm. Kodachromes or black

and white slides. Viewer is complete with any

one set of slides above.

State title.


3 N 6677-Shpg. wt., 9 oz.

Set for $3.84