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The end of another

Shopping Tour


Fresh as a Daisy

This sprightly housewife has just finished shop–

ping for the family needs. Her purchases in–

clude shoes, t.oys, and clothing for the youngsters ;

robe, socks and hooks for Jim. Tablc-clot hs, closet

accessories, bedding and stationery for the house–

hold-slippers, hag and perfume for herself.

To accomplish all this she relaxed comfortably

in her own home. leisurely selecled



chandise from Scars great catalogs, wrote her

order ancl \\·alkcd a hlnck to mail


No crowds

pushed her around. T here was no waiting in line

for service. She feels fresh as a daisy.

To escape the ordeal of shopping on foot you

can safely follow this housewife's example. For,

once a foot-shopper herself, she now buys all her ·

needs at Sears by mail- the easy, economical

way. fostead of wea ring yourself out, enjoy this

easy way to buy, regularly. Just write your

order on a Sears orde r blank and mail today.

Shop at Sears and Saoe!