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TRUDY with three moods

Sleepy •• Weepy •• Smily

lliJ •

Really 3 lovable dolls in one

• Simply turn button on her

hood, bring different face forward

She's new! She's different! She'll cap·

ture the heart of every little girl! Her

name is Trudy, and she's the only doll

with three different personalities ...

her composition head has three appeal–

ing faces with painted features ... one

with sleeping, one with weeping, and

one with smiling expression. Two faces

are always completely hidden by the

hood. Body is cotton-stuffed, covered

with flesh-color cotton fabric. Outfit of

soft cotton-back rayon fleece in two–

tone pastel colors. Consists of leggings,

waist, rick-rack trimmed bolero and

hood to which lustrous curls are at–

tached . About 14 inches tall.


N 3565,- Shpg. wt. I lb. lOoz.$5.39



Seven well-made Dolls with charming details

that }1ttle girls love ... all moderately priced


Colored Mammy wjth rolling button eyes.

This amusing doll seems to be saying

"Yes'm" every time you look at her. Firmly

stuffed with cotton ... stands alone. Jolly

dark mask face. Has colorful cotton dress

(assorted styles), big apron, traditional ker–

chief, and earrings. 18 inches tall.

49N3546-Shpg. wt.


lbs .... .. .. .$2.89

@]Baby with flirting eyes. Unusually charm-

ing because her sleeping eyes coyly roll

from side to side. Turning head with molded

hair, arms, legs of sturdy composition; stuffed

body. Has crying voice. Lovely lace-trimmed

cotton ·dress, bonnet, knitted panties, slip,

rayon' socks, imitation leather shoes.


N 3140-18-in. size. Shpg. wt. 31bs. $5.49


15 Y2-inch Baby Doll with mohair wig.

Soft curls frame her swee< face. 'Turning

head, arms and legs of sturdy composition;

cotton-stuffed body. Shiny sleeping eyes with_

lashes. Lace-trimmed cotlon dress and bonnet

(assorted colors), cotton slip, panties, rayon

socks, and imitation.leather shoes.


N 3130- Shipping weight


lbs . $3.59



Big and Little Sister Dolls. Your little

girl will love either one " .. but she'll

be really thrilled when she•gets both these

charming dolls. They have new, washable

plastic mask faces with paipted features; com–

position arms; cotton-stuffed bodies and legs;

pigtails and tufts of cotton yarn hair.


cute cotton frocks and bonnets (asst'd. colors),

underwear, socks, imitation leather shoes.


49N3567-16-inch big sister doll.

Shipping weight


pounds ....... $3.59



N 3566-13-lnch little sister doll.

Shipping weight 1 lb. 10 oz ...... $2.59

49N3580;-Buy the big and little sister

doll set ·and save! Shpg. wt. 4 lbs ... $5.79


18-inch Snowsuit Dall with curly mohair

wig. This rosy!cheeked child has turning

head, arms and legs of fine composition; cot–

ton-stuffed body. Shiny, glasslike eyes with

real lashes go to sleep. Wears beautifully

made pastel color snowsuit and hood of soft

cotton· back rayon fleece, rayon socks and

imitation leather shoes.


N 3141-Shpg. wt.


lbs. 10 oz. . $4.98