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Bassinet with drawer for dolly's.clothes



69 •

A fine doll bassinet with handy drawer to store all her clothing.

•Large size ... . big enough for dolly to stretch out comfortably.

• Smooth ivory enamel finish. Selected wood. Fiberboard bottom.

An ideal bassinet for your dolly. It's just like the kind that real little babies sleep in.

Imagine the thrill of waking up in the morning with your dolly in her own little

bed. Solidly built from selected wood. Smoothly finished with no rough edges.

Enameled ivory color. And look at the handy drawer that pulls out of the foot of

the crib . .. just the right size for a dolly's nightie, bedding and clothing. Or you

can use the drawer for your own things. Fiberboard bottom. Drawer varnished natural

finish. Easily assembled. A crib your little girl will be happy to ·have. Order today.

79 N 07937-22,Ux12,V.x1SU in. high. Shipping weight 7 pounds . .. . . .. . $2.69

Tell-Time Cradle-Movable Hands

Dolls' Double-Decked Bunk Beds

Put this large cradle in dolly's boudoir. Tuck





her in and· sing soft lullabies while you rock her.


gently back and forth-and so asleep. Hands of

Two dolls can sleep comfortably at one time in




these smooth ivory colored beds. One <loll will

climb the ladder and into the top bunk . . . the

clock on headboard are movable-set them to the time dolly

should be awakened ... or time for her next nap. It's a nice


of doll furniture, substantially built-finished in pastel

blue, with colorful decal decoration on foot end. Has plywood

ends and wood sides. Side pieces are dowelled for greater

strength. Fiberboard mattress bottom set into grooves on

sides. Shipped flat-screws for assembling included. Overall

size 24ti in. long, 11


in. wide, 11 in. high. Doll, bedding

not included ... see doll section for this and other beau ties.

79 N 07929-Shpg. wt. Slbs. Add to Easy Terms Order.


other will sleep in the "lower." Or-you can •Jift off the top

bunk and set them side by side for a stylish set of twin beds. They

are strongly built with wood side rails and posts, and ;..:!:-inch

gracefully curved plywood ends. Wood ladder has dowelled

rungs, is 15 in. long. Finished with smooth, ivory colored

enamel. Fiberboard mattress bottoms. Shipped flat-screws

included for easy assembling. 22 in. long,


in. wide ancl,18 in.

high overall when set up as bunk beds. Dolls and beddir.g shown

above are not included; may be ordered from doll section.

79 N 07948-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. To thrill some little girl. $2.89

High Chair for her doll



For her favorite doll.

a high chair that looks

C.'<actly like a real baby's. Care–

fully constructed of strong wood,

smooth maple finish. Stretchers

dowelled into legs for greater

strength. 31 in. high overall.

Foot rest lifts up ... food tray

swings up and over-hangs down

back 'for a smooth armed youth–

chair for Dolly. Playing house is

more fun when dolly has her own

chair. Add this to your order today.

79 N08433-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. $2.69

Thrift Priced Doll Crib

Just the place for dolly $J.59

to get her sleep . . .

it's a shame to let her lie on the

floor. This bassinet is big enough

to hold a good sized doll comfort–

ably. Well constructed of selected

wood with rounded corners and •


Ivory colored finish.

Fiberboard end panel has attrac·

tive decal decoration. Assembled

withoutscrews-snug fitting dowel

joinings. 22).-:1: in. long, 12,V. in.

wide. 15U in. high overall.


N 7928-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.$1.59




like everything else

10/d at

Sears, con be bought


Easy Payments.


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