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Steel Doll Swing or Hammock


Swing. Dolly can swing in this modern hanging



rocker-or you can unhook the chains . .. set it on

the floor for a rocker. Rocker


in. high,



wide. Enameled bright red, ivory color trim. Stand 22



high-widespread legs with rubber tips. All steel construction.

79 N 08405-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. Easily assembled .......... $1.89


Hammock. A piece of furniture for dolly. Attractive hammock

of gaily colored woven cloth, sturdy steel stand. Pillow attached.

Stand 37 in. long, 12 in. wide. Big enough for a large doll.


N 8404-;-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 11 oz. Easy to set up .... , .. $1.39

Folding Doll Buggy

She' the way it folds


up, just like a real buggy,

for storing in cupboard or to

fit into the trunk of the car. Body is made

of dark blue water-repellent fabric with

neat binding over strong steel frame-20

in, long, 10 in. wide. 3-bow hood is cov–

ered with matching artificial leather, Mea–

sures 27


in. high overall. Folding frame

ofsteel .. . smoothly finished wood handle.

Steel wheels 5 in. diameter with



rubber tires. Easy to handle.

79 N 08241 -Shipping wt. 9 lbs.. $6.98

Doll's Pram-Presdwood Body

Neat as a pin and sturdily built-a bcauti-


ful little pram at this price. Deep roomy

body is made of Masonite Prcsdwood .. .


enameled dark blue with design on each side. Measures


in. long, 9 in. wide. 3-bow, folding hood is covered

with artificial leather. O verall height is 25 in. Body is

held by curved steel frame which acts as spring , . .

give.• dolly a cushioned ride. Shaped steel handle con–

forms to curve of body. Steel wheels arc 5 inches in

diameter, roll smoothlY. on rubber tires. Your little girl

will be thrilled and delighted to lint! this pram under the

tree on Christmas morning. Order today.


N 08245 - Shipping weight 11 pounds . ....



Wardrobe Trunks for dolly's clothes



Every little girl will be a better housekeeper if she has some

place to store dolly's clothes . . . what bett;er place than a

16\4-lnch wardrobe trunk. Thcv are made of wood and fiberboard–

covcred with tough, colored paper . . . tan fabric pattern outside ...

all-over floral pattern inside. Comers arc protected by brass colored

metal coverings. Swing open on metal hinges, have snap lock and key

for closing. Two cardboard hangers inside for dolly's dresses and two

drawers. Convenient metal handle for carrying. Add one of these

sturdy trunks to your order today.

79 N 08452-Medium size. 16


long, BY. inches wide, Binches

deep. Shipping weight 3 pounds ....... , ......... ... ...... $1.79

DeLuxe Steel Doll Pram

Large enough to hold a real baby








little girl will be thrilled to find the

same features she sees on real baby car-

riages ... the same attention to details ... the same fine

workmanship. Hear her joyful surprise and delight when


finds this beautiful big pram on Christmas morning.



in. high, overall.

Big Steel Body is· 12y. in. wide, 25Y, in. long-plenty

of room for her biggest doll and for pillows and blankets,

too. Rich dark blue·enamel finish has contrasting silvcr–

color trimming. It's a fine looking pram.

Big Steel Wheels give dolly a smooth ride. Spoke-type

wheels are BY. inches in diameter, with rubber tires.

Body suspended on bowed steel frame. Spring-like action

of frame makes a smooth ride.

Four - Bow Hood is covered with dark blue artificial

leather-has adjustable aluminum finish metal sun visor.

Hood is attached to body by shiny nickel plated hand

knobs .. . folds back easily.

Toe-Tip Brake is easily set on or off with simple action

of toe-no stooping necessary. Holds wheels motionless

for parking . .. just like a real pram.

Tubular Steel Handle makes a


rigid and comfort–

able handle than flat steel ... matches body in its


curve , .. contrasts the dark blue with its shiny

silver-color finish ... is wide-spread to make wheeling

easier. She'll enjoy wheeling this pram. Make this a

Merry Christmas for your little girl-order this pram

79 N 08453-Large size. 18 in. long, 10 in. wide, 9


inches deep.

for her today. Doll and covers not included.

Shipping weight 4 pounds ... , .. . , . . . ...........


.. , . .... .$2.39

79 N 08246-Shipping weight 23 pounds ..... $14.98

Everything sold at


is guaranteed-satisfaction







125 , .