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Now we can make

dolly well again

Realis tic Doc tor a nd Nurse Kit

Doctors and nurses are







fiting people little boys and girls know.

They'll get a thrill out of "practicing med-

icine" themselves-and here's every\hing they'll need

for their professional careers. Dolls and playmates will

provide interesting patients. They can listen ·to heart–

beats with the toy stethoscope, take "pretend" temper–

atures, examine eyes and tongues, prescribe candy pills.

They'll have endless fun-and their attitude toward

docturs and will probably be brighter and hap–

pier. Kit includes play diplomas, books of professional

secrets for little medics, tongue depressor, wood ther–

mometer, play head mirror, cotton, gauze, candy pills,

eye and weight charts, hospital forms, and many other

interesting items. Packed in a 13x8




carrying case with metal handle and fastener.

49 N 3854-Shipping weight 1 lb ............. $1 .19

Acrobatic Clown Blocks

Delightful little men who can form a pyramid


... stand on their heads ... do all sorts of

balancing tricks. Heads, arms, or legs fit snugly into

matching notches of other men. 7 blocks, each 4 in.

high; smoothly finished wood, gaily colored.

49 N 3928-Shipping weight 13 ounces .......... 89c

l.Vlap Puzzle for ins t r uctive fu n

Two-Sided Map Puzzle. Two puzzles in one-a

map of the U. S. on one side, a map of the world

on the


Made of hard, durable tek\\'oocl

(3 ply fiberboard with wood center). Instructive

as well as entertaining-youngsters



lots about United States and world geography a'

they play. Colorfully lithographed; size when

assembled, 20x14 inches. Acid to your Sears

Easy Terms Order; see page 231.



3919-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz. .




Painting and Modeling Sets for play with a purpose


G ia nt 193-piece Po int Set.There are hours and hours

of pleasure for every youngster in this big, complete

paint and crayon set-and genuine instructive value as

well. While they're having real fun, children develop

creative ability, coordination, observation. Set includes

poster paint, water colors, anc;l crayons for a satisfying

variety of effect and technique. All clean, non-poisonous

colors: 6 bottles of poster paint, 4 trays, 16 crayons, 72

paint tablets, 2 brushes, palette, 10 stencils, color chart,

81 pictures to paint. Box 19x17 inches.


49 N 3707-193-piece Set. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs .... . $1.89


Big 81-piece Point Set. A genernus assortment of

clear, attractive colors and equipment to set young

imaginations free, and train young hands while they're

busy with real enjoyment. Set includes 3 bottles of

poster paint, 46 tablets of water colors, palette, 10

crayons, 2 brushes, 2 water trays, 4 stencils, 12 pictures

to color, color ch;,t. All colors non-poisonous. In 20xl 3-

inch bright colored box.


N 3708-81-piece Set. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz.. $1.00


Entertaining Sticker Kit.

Hours of

never-failing interest and amusement.

Tiny, untrained fingers.can proudly pro–

duce attractive, finished-looking pictures,

with a real sense of achievement. Over

1000 gummed stickers (no glue needed),

60 sheets of black art paper, 4 sets of

word and sentence forms, moistening felt,

8 ea;els, cord for hanging completed pic–

tures, full instructions.

49 N 4723-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs ..... $1.00


Model ing Cloy. Non-hardening clay

in 8 colors; full instructions.

49 N 3756-Set contains 2 lbs. clay,

1 mold, 4 wood impressions, 4 tools.

Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz.............. 87C

49N3755-Smaller set containing 1

pound of clay, mold, wood impressions

and tool.

Shipping weigh t 2 pounds 6 ounces




. .




O nly 1

0 3

down payment fo r any items



page. See page

2 31 for details