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Toy a hit! Colorful


Little Jasper. Dancing action pull toy, with sound! Pull him along and little

Jasper dances up and down and turns around behind three colorful bobbing,

twirling "trees." His loose-jointed feet will make any youngster laugh. Gaily

decorated; wood construction with easy-spinning wheels. Overall size 7


x SJ{ x

9}:1 in. Pull-cord with button included.


49 N 5425-Shipping weight 1 pound ..............................



Jack-in-the-Box Clown. Push the little snap lock, and WHISHHH! Out pops

J ack, a merry fun-loving clown with a tinkling metal bell on his collar. He

has a perky peaked hood and a gaily colored circus costume-sure to delight the

tots. Stuffed arms and head; big strong metal spring. Beautifully decorated,

paper-covered wood box, 4Y,x4Y,xS inches high. Hinged lid.

49 N 643 1-Shipping weight 1 pound ............ ........... .......



Borden Milk Wagon. Youngsters will love to deliver the little milk bottles

included in this big 20-inch horse and wagon set. Realistic husky wood horse.

Wagon has metal step-plate and metal sides, attractively lithographed; wood top,

frame and wheels. K ing pin on front axle, so wagon can turn sharp corners.

Overall size 20x5x9 in. high. Pull cord and 4 wood bottles included.

49 N 5456-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.

Oonot order beloreNovemlm

15 .....

. ·. . .....



Roller Push Toy. Lots of color, lots of action and a merry sound-no wonder

it's so popular with the small fry! When pushed along, the bright colored

rings slide down the slan ted bars, making a clickety-clackety sound and giving a

beautiful rainbow effect. All wood construction, with big wheels, 4;.s' inches

in diameter. Enameled in brilliant colors. 20-in. jointed push stick.

49 N 5403- Shipping weight 1 pound 12 ounces............. . ..... . .


sturdy ... lots of merry action


Drummer Boy. Boom-boom-boom, here come's the drummer boy, march-

ing right into your youngster's heart. Gaily enameled in dress parade costume,

he stands stiffly at attention, ready to start playing his drum as soon as he is

pulled. Beautifully made of sturdy wood. Fiber drum has metal head that will

stand endless drumming. Drumsticks have shiny wood beads on ends. Overall

size 12Y, in. high, 10 in. Jong, 6 in. wide. Pull-cord with bead included.

49 N 5464-Shipping weight 1 pound 8 ounces ......................



Doc Pelican. Push this jolly old bird, and he waddles along clacking his

huge black bill so hard he almost knocks his eyeglasses off. Big wooden web

feet keep him upright as he walks. Sturdily built of wood, enameled ii} bright

colors. About 5Y,x8Y.x11 in. long. Push stick with grip, 20 in. long ... jast the

right size for a little tot to handle easily.



49 N 5461 -Shipping weight 1 pound 8 ounces ................... ...


@). Snoopy Sniffer, funniest dog you ever saw ! Woofs loudly as he stalks along

on his comical jointed legs and big rubber paws. His cloth ears flop around;

his coil spring tail wags. Solidly made of wood over 1 in. thick, covered with

colorfully lithographed paper. Over 16 inches long .. . tots feel so proud with

such a big dog for a playmate. Pull-cord included.

49 N 5447-Shipping weight 2 pounds ........... ... ... . ...........



Loony Loco-what a crazy train ! Engineer's cab sways to and fro ! Big metal

bell rings wildly! Pistons pump back and forth. Eyes roll and tongue wags

on front end of boi)er. Everybody will laugh when they see youngster pulling

this big, brilliantly enameled locomotive. Made of thick wood with fil;>erboard

boiler and piston. O verall size 12;.s'x6x7.l{ inches high. Pull-cord included.

49 N 5441 -Shipping weight 3 pounds..... . . .... ............. .. ..


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