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Heart-winning two-tone Honey Bear. Soft and htutgable and

hungry to be friends, this little fellow has a happy future ahead as

your youngster's bosom companion. He has big, clumsy, lovable

feet; stubby tail; perked-up ears; an impish twinkle in his sparkling

eyes; a lifelike black plastic nose; and a red felt tongue that hangs

out in eagerness. His soft coat is rayon and cotton plush in two tones

of brown, and he's all dressed up in a big ribbon bow to make a good

impression under your Christmas tree. Stuffed with cotto'}.

49 N 4370- About 14-in. size. Shpg.


I lb ..... . .. . . ... ..... $1.96

49 N 4371 -About 17-in. size. Shpg.


1 lb. 6 oz. . . . .



N 04372- Ahout 22-in. size. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs... . . . . . . . . . . .


79 N 04373-About 26-in. size. Shpg.


6 lbs. ..... . ..



Irresistible Baby Pando. Outstretched arms, a mischievous expres-

sion, softness that invites a hug-here's all the charm that brings

crowds flocking to see the real panda at.the Zoo. Made to be petted,

talked to, fussed over, and be all-around good company for very

small people. Rich-looking, glossy rayon and cotton coat with two–

tone panda markings-feels soft against young skin, and the cotton

stuffing is just right for hugging-or spanking, if necessary. Shiny

button eyes, lifelike plastic nose, stub tail, handsome ribbon bow.

49 N 4374 - About 14-in. size. Shpg.


1 lb... . . .

. .... . . $1.96

49 N 4375 - About 17-in. size. Shpg. "'" I lb. 6 oz .


79 N 04376- About 22-in. size. Shpg.


3 lbs. . . .


79 N 04377- About 26-in. size. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs . .


. . . . . 6.89






Cuddly Friendly Playmates your


will love

Tots can ride this strong Doggie

•Your child will ride him, pull him, pet him, love him.

• Mounted on strong steel frame; baked-on enamel finish.

•Four rubber-tired, steel disc wheels; sturdy steel axle.

• Soft, lustrous rayon plush coat-handsome and servi,ceable.


Your youngster will love this husky good-natured, solidly mounted doggic. He can take

a lot of punishment without a whimper. He follows happily along when he's pulled by

his leash, or carries a child on his sturdy back. Mounted on a steel frame with 4 rubber–

tired steel disc wheels, 4 in. in diameter; baked-on enamel finish . His soft cotton back ray–

on plush coat has two-tone St. Bernard markings, and his sparkling eyes are securely fas–

tened in place. Imitation leather collar and leash. He's 18 in. long, 18 in. high,



wide; about 13 in. high at his back. Well made for durable service.

79 N 04367-RaytSn plush Dog on wheels.


weight 6 lbs. . . .

. .. .. . $7.79


Jumping Doggie with, bells on his feet.

A jolly playmate for active hours, and a

soft, comfortable armful·· for restful times.

He's fun to play with ! When he's pulled up

by his leash, he jumps and bounds like a

playful puppy; his loosely-jointed forelegs

paw the air, and a bell on each of his front

paws sounds a cheery jingle. And when

playtime's over, he's a fluffy, huggable

companion for


quiet rest. Bouncing or

drowsing, he's cute as can be, a perky nose,


open playful mouth, and bright, friendly

· glasslike eyes. His coat is curly pile cotton–

back rayon plush, with tail and ears in con–

trasting color. Stuffed with soft cotton.

About 11 in. long, 8 in. high. Artificial

leather leash and collar. Shipping weight

2 pounds.



4345 .

... . . .

. . ......



Rayon plush Lomb. This lambkin will

inspire a world of juvenile affection.

Snowy white (he's a GOOD sheep!) with

pastel bow and a jingling nickel-plated

bell, he can stand on his awkward long

legs. Appealing little face, with yarn nose

and bright eyes. Cotton stuffed; 9 in.



in. long.

49N°4009-Shpg. wt. 1 lb ... . .. $1.98


Wool plush cuddly KHty. Even the



t tot will love this cuddlesome



soft and round and adorable it

fairly beg' to be hugged! Coat of fluffy

wool pile plush; rayon ribbon bow. Yarn

nose and mouth; appealing glasslike eyes.

Stuffed with cotton. About 16)4 in. high.

Any child will love this kitty.




. 1lb.10 oz.$2.98

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