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See page 231 far details

Red Wagon and Hand-car Racer

all-steel, rubber-tired


Steel Coaster Wogan,



with dazzling fire-en-

gine red finish. New styling-new en–

gineering details make this the slickest

coaster a youngster could ask for. Rug–

ged one-piece body built of heavy gauge

steel; edges all rounded smoothly.

Streamlined steering assembly-front

axle pivots on "fifth wheel" type of

bearing. This large bearing surface

gives much steadier support and

smoother steering than usual king pin.

Big 10-in. double disc steel wheels have

steel roller bearings; V.-in. rubber tires.

Body and wheels finished in red baked–

on enamel; white trim. Bright hub

caps. Overall body size 36 in. long,

16;i in. wide. Easy to asse1nble; neces–

sary hardware included. Order today

on Sears convenient Easy Terms.


N 07646-Shpg. wt. 30 lbs.. $8.53


down, $5 monthly; see page 231.


All Steel Hand-car. New $9. 89

streamlined design-

sleek, speedy, strong. And as your

youngster rides happily down the side–

walk, he'll be getting the best kird of

exercise to help develop his muscles.

Rugged tubular steel frame; heavy

gauge steel handle. Sturdy foot plate.

Shaped steel saddle, adjustable for dif–

ferent leg lengths. Easy running double–

disc 8-inch steel wheels have


rubber tires and steel hub caps. Bril–

liantly finished in baked-on red enamel.

Ivory color wheels striped in red. Over–

all length 36 inches. Easy to assemble.

Send in your Christmas order early;

you need only a small down payment.

Anything in this Catalog may be

added to your Easy Terms order. For

details, see page 231.


N 08850-Shpg. wt. 20 lbs.. $9.89


down; $5 monthly. See page 231.

For other toys


gift ideas,

see Sears


Foll and Winter

General Catalog
































Your children will have fun on a .>turdy Slide

Your little one will be thrilled with this grand slide. Perfect $9 98

for year 'round use. Simple to set up and take apart . . .

folds easily for storing. Light weight . . . easy to carry. Strongly con–

structed of selected pine, smoothly finished in red and green. Sliding

surface of water-resistant Masonite Presdwood, painted black. Gives

smooth slide. Total length 59


in., 38 in. high, 13 in. wide. Hardware

included. Use it indoors or out . . . order it today.



7208-Shipped by freight or express. Shpg. wt. 24 lbs.. .$9.98

Sturdy Wood Swing with rope

Use it indoors or


... hang it $1.98

from any convement tree, door

frame or beam. Your child will spend hours

in pleasant exercise gaily swinging back

and forth. Bright red wooden seat has

jolly swing scene painted in white, meas–

ures Sxl


in. Corners and edges are round–

ed ... won't cut or scratch. Comes com–

plete with about 20 ft. of strong _%'-in. rope

and two heavy eyelet wood screws. Packed in

attractive box .. . makes an excellent gift.

49 N 7254-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz... .$1.98

Elevator really works!

De luxe Service Station with 6 plastic toy autos

Busiest gas station you ever saw! Many youngsters can play. $3 79

One can be in charge of the gas pumps, pretending to check

their oil, fill !em up, and pump up tires. Another can pretend to grease

the cars on the grease rack. Someone must drive cars up the ramp to

second floor par)<ing lot. Another car is waiting to be taken up in the

elevator. Just turn the knob up on the roof to raise the garage door. As

door goes up, elevator comes down. Turn knob again-elevator carries

cars up to the second floor for parking or repairs, while door closes once

more. Overall size about 21V.x23x13 in. high. Made of Tekwood

(3-ply fiber-board with wood center) and heavy fiber-board with wood

framing. Set includes 6 plastic autos about 4


in. long, sturdy base and

building, 4 signs, dummy air hose, cabinet, grease rack, 4 gas pumps

with dummy hoses and lamp. Easy to assemble.

79 N 06460-Complete set. Shipping weight 5 pounds .. . ... $3.79