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Practical Gifts


Nut Bowl and Mallet Set.

Always a welcome gift.

Natural rustic wood bark finish and smooth inner

surface. About 7 to 9-inch diam. Mallet included.

11 N 4344-Shipping weight 1 lb. 6 oz.........



Nut Cracker and Pick Set. Bright nickel plated sted.

5-inch cracker, six 4Y.-inch picks.

11 N 4334-Shipping weight 9 ounces .... . ......


@]Amazing new Nut Cracker. Just drop nut in, push

handle forward and press down. There's less danger

of crushing the kernel than with any other cracker we

have seen. Fits any nut from English walnut to filbert

or almond. Durable nickel plated steel. Bx! }"2'x3 inches

high. Modern attractive design.

11 N 4340-Shipping weight 1 lb. 6 oz.........




Aluminum Cookie Sheet. Mirror finish. Greases evenly,

heats quickly.


in. Easy to clean.

P/ea1e do not order before Novem&er


11N1354-Shipping weight 12 ounces ..........



14-piece Plastic Cookie Cutter Set. Club, diamond,

heart, spade, scalloped circle, doughnut, small circle,

Christmas tree, star, Santa Claus, turkey, duck, rabbit,

dog. All with easy-to-grasp handles.


N 4485-Shipping weight 1 lb. 2 oz .. .. Set


Sturdy low-cost Storage Chest for kiddies' toys

• A new idea in chests for year 'round storage of childrens' toys

• Easy to set up in less than a minute; no nails or screws needed

• Sturdily built; supports 200-lbs.; makes extra bench for kiddies

• Multi-colored nursery decorations included; easy to paste on

• Overall size: 27 x 13 x 15 inches high; room for lots of toys

• Also excellent for storing baby blankets and nursery clothes

The sturdiest and the lowest priced storage chest of this kind we

have seen.


makes the finest kind of chest for safe, convenient

storage of boys' and girls' toys ... it's excellent, too, for regular

clothes storage. The price is so low that many customers will order

two or more for storing the kiddies' out-of-season clothes as well

as their toys. Made of rigid 3-ply fiberboard with crisp, cleanable

"golden grain" finish. When it's assembled the walls are double,

with rugged 6-ply strength-supports weight of 200 pounds.

With every chest we include ten delightful nursery decorations.

There's a funny teddy bear,


sets of blocks, a sail boat, and

romping figures of a little girl, a rabbit, a puppy, a cat, a goose

and a comical goat-all in tan, red, black, blue and brown. Dec–

orations are printed on gummed paper and are easy to cut out

and paste on, just as you want them. Chest is shipped flat with

assembly instructions.

11N09168-Shipping weight 5 pounds. Mailable. ... . .. $1 .98

Easy to assemble; tokes less

than a minute to do the job.

Sturdily built; makes a fine

extra Settee for the nursery.







Many customers


it very convenient to


their Christmas shopping


Easy Terms. Try it.


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