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Include toys and games on your

Easy Terms Order, see page 231 ..

Enjoy howling-right in your own home!

Great new Five Pins game-lots of fun for youngsters or grown- $4.89

ups. New red enameled steel frame has non-skid rubber tips on

the legs; 29-in. long, 17


wide. New 5-inch ball has thumb


hole; made of rubber-like semi-soft composition-<juieter, safer. Polished

10-inch pins 'rack' themselves on rubber-covered rod. Pins natural fin–

ished; numbered for scoring.

79 N 0280-Five Pins Game. Shipping weight 10 pounds ....... $4.89

Gee Whiz Horse Race

They're off! Any horse $2 29

can win! Exciting as a

real horse race. Shaft of spinning

flywheel drives balls against horses,

advancing them along track. Flag

raises as they cross finish line; dif–

ferent winner each time. Litho–

graphed metal construction, 15

~in. long. Starting cord included.

49 N 173- Shipping weight 2

pounds 6 ounces.. . . . . ... $2.29

Chessmaster Set

Plastic coated tan and



brown Presdwood board

t 1


sq. 32 beautiful-


ly molded plastic chessmen. 2


in. King-others in proportion.

49.N 183- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. $1.39

Triki-Shot Bagatelle

Test your skill with $2.84

this new pin ball game.

Has spring shooter and 4 other

shooters to give you 5 playing

positions! Lots of hazards, traps.

Nickeled playing parts; metal

frame. 24xt 3



presdwood base. Gaily litho–

graphed. 2 wooden legs hold board

at correct angle. 10 marbles.

79 N 0279-Shpg. wt. 5lbs.$2.84

Tournament Checkers

Handsome plastic-coated



Masonite Presd wood

board, t 1%'-in. square.


Set of 24-deeply embossed plastic

checkers, 17'-in. diam. Rules.

49 N 184- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs...14c





































Say "Merry Christmas" with


shown on opposite page- described below

Fun for tots- action games of strategy and skill for teen-agers- authentic

sports games- games to suit every taste. Designed in their own Toy and

Game Research Laboratory,


games are pre-tested for play

value. Each game durably built, beautifully boxed.

Games for children-tots to teen-agers



Blac,k Samb?. Great.favorite with ages 3-10. Children have fun following


Sambo sfootprmtson his famous trip through the jungle. First to rret home to

the Pancakes wins. For 2-4 players. Folding board, pawns, spinner in



49 N 227- Shipping weight 2 pounds 4 ounces ......... .. .......... ... $1.39


Noah's Ark. Great fun for little tots- and they can play it by themselves!


love to place the C<_>lorful die-cut animals inside the Ark as directed by

the p1ctonal spinner- no reading or numbers. First to get 10 animals in Ark wins.

1-4 players. Gay cardboard Ark, 40 animals, spinner. Box 10 )ix8'< ins.

49 N 234- Shipping weight 2 pounds 4 ounces . . . . . . . . . . . .



Bas-Ket. Thrilling basketball in miniature, with action every minute. Each

player operates mechanically controlled steel levers which shoot the ball from

any position on court. Same rules and scoring as real basketball. For 1-6 players.

Durable fiber-board playing field, scoreboards, ball. 13x20-in. box.

49 N 202- Shipping weight 4 pounds.

. ..... $2.69




fun for youngsters! Stampede herds of 'cattle' down the

tnchned range into corrals. Everyone plays at once. 'Runs' continue until one

cowboy stampedes his entire herd of 5 marbles into his corral. 2-4 players. Wild-west

range with obstacles, marbles, 4 corrals. 11


colorful box.

49 N 224- Shipping weight 2 pounds 12 ounces. ...............

. . $1.39


Spell-it. Amazing game with the magic doors! Spells, adds, multiplies, sub-

. tracts. Operates just like a telephone dial. Children dial letters to spell objects

pictured on board. Open the magic door- if word is spelled correctly a picture of

the object appears. When arithmetic problems are dialed correctlv, answer is

shown. Educational fun for 1 or more. Heavy cardboard 17


inches square.

49 N 207- Shipping weight 1 pound 14 ounces. . . .

. ..... $1.39


Round the Clock. Teaches children to tell time. Great fun for ages 3-9 ! As hands

are moved around clock by finger dial, EXACT time appears in Time Indicator

Window. Every hour a surprise picture also appears, showing child activity from

Getting-up Time to Bed-Time. Gaily illustrated. Heavy cardboard,

18x13~-in .

49 N 3827- Shipping weight 3 pounds. . . .

. ......... $1.83

Hookey. Exciting new fishing game. All youngsters fish at once with rods and

magnetized lines in the deep sea pool. First player to fill his frying pan with the

correct assortment of colored metal fish wins. 2-4 players. Fish pool, 4 metal frying

pans, fish, rorls, lines, magnets, 16x11-in. colorful "Underseas" box.

49 N 214- Shipping weight 1 pound 12 ounces.. . . . .

. ..... $1.39

Great Games for farnily evenings or party fun


Treasure Hunt. America's favorite party game. There's no fun limit- no age

limit! 2-16 can play. Join in the free-for-all; scramble for alphabet letters to

make up words descriptive of the Treasure Hunt cards; collect "pieces of eight."

Cards, letters, pirate style money in 8


Y.-in. Treasure Chest.

49 N 170- Shipping weight 1 pound 6 ounces. . .



Top-ography. Know your United States! Race with time on a peg-map of the

U.S.A. Peg-in cities, lakes, rivers and national parks beginning with letter

indicated on alphabet spinner. Firsi to place all his pegs (n map wins. 2-6 players.

Spinner, timer, peg map and pegs in colorful 22x13 'i(-in. box.

49 N 262- Shipping weight 2 pounds 6 ounces . . . . . . . . . . .

. ......... $1 .83


Jingo--the merry jig-saw bingo game. There's never a dull moment! Youngsters

and grown-ups, too, have fun scrambling for the colorful jig-saw pieces to fit

openings in the individual playing boards. 5 in a row is Jingo; scores 10 pmnts.

First to score 50 points wins. 2-6 players. lOxlO inch box.

49 N 229- Shipping weight 1 pound 6 ounces. .

. . $1.39

Exciting authentic Games for the sports fan

[] Foto-Electric Football. The only football game where you can actually SEE

the ball-carrier smashing through center, dodging around end or passing for a

touchdown. You call the play; opponent selects his defense. Electric Play Viewer

shows the action. Gain or loss is recorded on gridiron. Over 1000 play combina–

tions, based on actual football records. 2 players. 19x12x4-in . Play Viewer for AC

or DC current, heavy cardboard gridiron, dice, shaker, play sheels, instructions.

49 N 201 -Shipping weight 6 pounds 6 ounces .... . .................. $5.49


All-Star Baseball. Manage your own team! Select your batting order from 40

stars of today (DiMaggio, Ferriss, etc.) and 20 all-time greats (Babe Ruth, Lou

Gehrig; etc.). Based on official batting records, players' discs give each batter

exactly the same number and type of hits he's made in big league play. Includes 60

players, regulation diamond, in beautifully illustrated



49 N 210- Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces . . . . .

. ....... ... . . $1.83


American Derby. Exciting as a real horse race! Endorsed by famous Washington

Park Jockey Club. Skilful jockeying moves horses to the rail, blocks off op–

ponents, forces competing horses to the outside. Thrills for 2-6 players. Realistic

race track, 6 horses, dice and spinner in brilliant 20x10-in. box.

49 N 236- Shipping weight 2 pounds 4 ounces

...... $1.8 3