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Lassie Come Home. Eric Knight's

great story of a dog's devotion

will thrill children and grown–

ups alike. Clothbound.

3 N 1002... . ...


Postpaid .



Picture Dictionary for Children.

It's fun learning facts



a child's very own dictionary

with 480 pages of simple words

and pictures to 1nake learning

words and definitions easy and

amusing. C lothbound.

3 N 1902 ....... .

Postpaid .



Prayers and Hymns Book. Care–

fully selected prayers and

hymns that are simple enough

for a child to learn easily, yet

so inspiring youngsters will

remember them alwavs. 36

pages with full-color illustra–

tions . . . large print that chil–

dren can read themselves.

Board binding, 9xl 2 inches.

For Protestant children

3 N 1653 .

.Postpaid .



For·Catholic children

3 N 1657.

.Postpaid .



Give Thrushwood Classics to young readers

T he famous Thrushwood Books are back in print! These 20 titles,

selected from hundreds of the best known and best loved copyright

books for young readers, are all handsomely packaged, wrapped in

full-color jackets and excellently printed on good paper. C loth–

bound, with


Y,-inch pages . . . many of them are illustrated.

All are approved by teachers and librarians. Select several titles to

give as Christmas presents ... they will be enthusiastically received.

Biography of a Grizzly–

Ernest T. Seton (320)

Rebecca of 'Sunnybrook farm –

Kate Douglas Wiggin (190)

Understood Betsy -Fisher (188)

Secret Gorden-

F. H.



Heidi Grows Up-Tritten (321)


Children-Tritten (322)

Peter and Wendy-Barrie (323)

Uncle Remus: His Songs and His

Sayings-J. C. Harris (324)

Bambi's Children-Salten (326)

Bob, Son of Battle- Ollivant (327)

Call of the Wild-Jack London (189)

White Fang -Jack London (328)

Daddy Long Legs-

.Jean Webster (329)

Seventeen-Booth Tarkington (330)

Penrod- Booth Tarkington (185)

Penrod Jashber-Tarkington (331)

Penrod and Sam-Tarkington (186)

little Shepherd of Kingdom Come-

John Fox, J r. (332)

Bambi- Felix Salten (325)

Beautiful Joe-M. Saunders (333)

3 N 17 16-Sta/c'

catalof!. number,


t;tle n11mbrr ..... .Postpaid.

Eoch. 95C





















Beautiful Classics for Children

La vis hly illustrated in gorgeous colors and richly bound

f' un to give ... even more fun to receive

These books are classics that should be part of every child's reading experience. Beauti–

fu l, readable books, with delightfully told stories and rich illustrations, they make per–

fect C hristmas presents. You have a choice of three lovely editions ... all clothbound,

with clear, easy-to-read text and many full-color illustrations. The low-priced Popular

Edition has text and pen drawings in black and white; the Special Edition is prin ted in

2 colors and handsomely boxed; the De Luxe Edition is stamped in genuine gold, with

2-color text and pen drawings ... clear acetate slip-case through which you see the

gorgeous full-color illustrations printed on both covers.

Alice in Wonderland and Through

the Looking Glass (251)

Andersen's Fairy Tales (250)

Grimm"s Fairy Tales (253)

Black Beauty (252i

Hons Brinker (254)

Heidi (255)

Adventures of Tom Sawyer (258)

Robinson Crusoe (259)

Arabian Nights (265)

Adventures of Pinocchio (266)

Select the edition and titles you want and

fderire stale catalog number, title, title number.


3 N 1706-Popular Edition. Page size 5;Y8x8 inches... .

.Postpaid .




3 N 1753-Special Edition. Page size

6 x9


. ..






3 N 1754 -Dc Luxe Edition. Page size


x9 inches . . .

. .. .



Picture Books to thrill tiny tots


Mother and Baby Wild Animal Books.

Four fascinating and unusual books cut

in shape of wild animals. Pictures of

the mother animals arc printed in natural

color on front and back covers ... cun–

ning baby animals, also in color, are in–

serted in sloe in front cover and can be

removed easily to set up. Each big book

size 9x12 inches, contains a 16-page

animal story \·vith illustrations on every

page. For children 3 to


years old.

3 N 1888-Stiff cover bindings.

Set of



. ...

Postpaid ..



Jody's Wonderful Day. Ideal for the

boy or girl in the picture-book age!


t's the story of a little boy's happy birth–

day ... turn the pages and find swings,

seesaws that move, surprise birthday

presents you can open yourself and a

.J ack-in-the-box that really jumps up. A

dandy gift for boys and girls alike.

3 N 1898-Size 7x9 inches.


cover .


.. Postpaid ..



Children's Library. A big new set of

poems and stories that children love'

T hree 64-page books with full-color pic–

tures on the covers and fascinating blac\<

and white illustrations inside. Board

bound and neatly packed in a cardboard



Talcs," ''Mother Goose,"

and " Animal Stories."

3 N 1509-3 books. Boxed..


Postpaid ..



Boys' and Girls' Mother Goose. Tiny

toddlers as well as kindergarten kid–

dies love these old familiar nursery

rhymes. 64 pages ... every one pri nted

wi th pictures in color. 8;1x1 1;1 in.

3 N 1501-Stiff cover


Postpaid ..




Famous Nursery Tales .. . stories

child ren never tire of hearing. Each

is illustrated with cunning pictures that

will delight the hearts of your "small

fry." 60 pages, 30 in color.




in. -


N 1503-Stiffcover ... . ..


Postpaid . .



A-B-C ond 1-2-3 Number Book that

is as colorful as Christinas. Contains

60 pages of animal and bird pictures .

30 of them in color ... to show kiddies

their letters and numbers. 9)ix! 1 in

3 N 1502- Stiff cover.

. .

Postpaid .





Mother-Baby Domestic Animal Books.

Four brand-new books patterned after

the wild animal series at left. These

domestic animal books, cut in the shape

of the mother animal with the babv ani–

mal tucked into a flap on front



a combination toy and story book. Each

book contains sixteen qx12-inrh pages,

attractively a nd profusely illustrated.

Child can play with smaller animal

figure while mother reads the story.

3 N 1897- Stiff cover bindings.

Set of 4 books .............


Postpaid .



Animated Night Before Christmas, a

delightfully illustrated edition of tl1e

beloved Christmas poem. Pictures really

move . . Santa's round paunch jiggles

like a bowl of jelly, his merry eyes twinkle

as he fills all the stockings. Then away he

flies through the night in his sleigh pulled

by eigh t tiny reindeer.

3 N 1882- Size 6Y.x8}:1' inches.

Stiff cover.


Postpaid ..



Circus Panorama. The biggest show

on earth unfolds in this bright-colored

book prepared in collaboration with

Ringling Bros.-Barnum and Bailey C ircus.

M easures 10 feet extended. One side has

circus parade . . . band wagon, clowns,

caged animals; the other has scenes from

the big top. Heavy cardboard.

3 N 1894-10x8J,1

inches.. .... Postpaid .




The Lothrop Color Storybooks. Four

of the best loved tales of all time with

a brilliantly colored puppet illustration

opposite every page of text. T he 4 books

boxed together are "Hansel and Gretel;"

"Cinderella;" " Aladdin and His Wonder-

ful Lamp;" "The


R avens."

Little __,.

children enjoy books for pictures alone.

3 N 1756- Page size 7x7Y, inches.


tooks....... . .........


Postpaid .



[] Children's Book of Bible Stories. Teach

your children to know and love the

Bible. T his beautiful book contains over

100 of the most magnificent stories from

the Bible, simply and clearly retold.

W ritten with deep reverence, but in

fascinating story-book style that is alive


color and vividness.

71 illuf.-..rations,

52 in brilliant colors. 312 pages.

3 N 1654-Clothbound ....


Postpaid ..







Children's Books, too,



on Sears





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