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A Gift chosen from this handsome Whistling Trio

sounds a cheery note of greeting in any household

Women like the

convenience of a

3-way Cooker

Maid of Honor Whistling

Glass Coffeemaker

Two revolutionary features make

Maid of Honor an outstanding cof–

feemaker- (!) built-in whistle in the

rubber bushing automatically sounds

when coffee starts to brew, (2) new

one-piece unbreakable, non-tarnish–

able Mone! metal filter has fine mesh

screen which keeps coffee clear and

flavorful, free from sediment and

dregs. Easy-to-clean, wide mouthed

bowls made of heat-resistant glass.

Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz.

11 N 3100-8-cup capacity ...


Maid of Honor Whistling

Glass Teakettle

So decorative and so useful



sparkling Flamex glass teakettle,

modernly designed in heat-resistant

plain' and stippled glass, adds to the

attractiveness of any kitchen. No hot

whistle to remove- it's attached

permanently and swings forward for

easy pouring and filling . No spout to

leak or dent; cool-typi:, well-bal–

anced handle has comfortable grip.

Holds 1


quarts. An ideal gift.

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 10 oz.

11 N 3301 . .

.. ..


Maid of Honor Whistling

Aluminum Teakettle

A practical, modern gift that will be

used daily. Especially acceptable to

the homemaker who demands safety,

beauty and serviceability in kitchen



swings forward

for pouring- no more scalded fin–

gers. Bumper-likejunture of top and

sides protects against denting. Water

gauge. R igid handle, cool plastic

grip. Balanced for easy filling and

pouring; made ofheavy weight, high–

ly polished alum. 2-qt. cap.

11 N 1200-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs..


Maid of Honor Cast Aluminum

3-Way Cooker

Use it as a dutch oven to cook pot roasts,

stews and soups; use it as a chicken fryer;

use it as a casserole for macaroni, meat pies,

scalloped potatoes, etc. The thick cast alum–

inum of which it's made absorbs and holds

heat for highest cooking efficiency; snug–

fitting cover minimize!; evaporation of mois..

lure and food flavors. Highly polished;

streamlined design; easy to clean. Diam.

107,,M in.; height to top 5 in. Tested in lead–

ing domestic science laboratory. Superior

Maid ofHonor quality at a low price.

11N01502-Shipping wt. 6 lbs......


NYLON bristled Household Brushes clean better, last longer

6-piece Maid of Honor Set, attractively boxed

• Proved by leading domestic science laboratory tests to outwear average

hair or fibre bristled household brushes

• 6 most frequently used brushes with at least 15 uses


high quality, white nylon bristles will not mat or break

For a quality-wise gift select this very useful set of 6 household brushes.

It's one of the least expensive sets from the standpoint of long, satisfactory

service. Nylon bristles retain their stiffness after sterilization, resist stain

and odors, dry quickly. Comfortable-grip, lacquer finished hardwood

handles. Set includes

bottle brush

for milk bottles, nursing bottles, vases,

tumblers, pitchers, fruit jars;

bath brush

with 7-inch handle;

toilet bowl


with 1.5-inch handle;

clothes brush

for clothing and upholstery;



for nails and hands;

vegetable brush

for cleaning vegetables, sprink–

ling clothes, scouring pans.

11 N6921-6 piece set, boxed. Shipping wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.. . .

. ....



Convenient adjustable Food Slicer

A low priced food slicer adjustable for cutting meats, bread, fruits and

vegetables to desired thicknesses. Simple, sturdy all-metal construction;



diameter rotary steel blade with long lasting, keen edge. Rigid

sliding platform, baked-on enamel finish. Overall length 13



width 9 in. Holds food 5 in. high, 7


in. wide, any length.

11N04800-Shipping weight 12 pounds . .... . . ... .. ... .... ... . .