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Ideal for kolding tacks, screws,

small parts, costume iewelry,

etc., for


Can be


os o

Hsking tockJe

box for

'i:orrying Oies, lures,

liooks, etc.



other uses.

New! Transparent Plastic Boxes


Save time and trouble by keeping your small articles where they


are always visible-in these attractive, transparent plastic boxes !

· .

You can see what



need instantly, without raising the hinged

Smpll "'"

cover! Handy in many ways-see above views. Women like them

too, because they hold buttons, pins, odds a12d ends-even costume jewelry'.

Wl)y not order one or more of these


boxes today?

9 N 6523-Small size. Has 9 compartments. Length 7 .inches; width 3Y,



; depth 1


inches. Shipping weight 9 ounces . ,,,. . .. . ... . .. . Each 89c

9 N 6530-Large size. Has 12 compartments. Length-8Y,jnchcs; width 4Y,


depth 174 inches. Shipping weight


ounces . . .. . .


. ....cEach $





Tool Box will protect his fine tools


CRAFTSMAN Mechanics' Tool Box. The

most popular type tool box re have

ever sold .. . plenty of room for all the tools

a mechanic will need on the job. Holds 75

to 100 sockets and socket wrench parts; can

be used for other tools, also.


20x8 Y,x9~

inches. Strongly con–

structed of 22-gauge steel, electrically weld–

ed for added strength and durability.

Streamlined design with rounded edges;

will not tear clothing while carrying. Full

length, easy-action piano type hinge; keeps

cover in alignment. Large partitioned lift–

out "tote" tray; 2X'·inch divisions on each

end, 14·inch division in center; keeps im·

portant tools and sockets segregated and

easy to pick out. Two strong lever-type

latches, and strong hasp for use with pad–

lock. . Heavy plastic handle. Correctly

shaped for comfortable grip. Rust-resisting

machinery gray finish.

99 N 06512-Shpg. wt. 13 lbs . ....


201 A





Watch the man of the house grin when he sees a gift like this! .••......

Every box has famous CRAFTSMAN quality in every detail of construction •


CRAFTSMAN Hip-roof Tool Box. Very popular

with mechanics everywhere. Size 19x7Y.x9 in.

Holds about 50 to 75 sockets and socket wrench parts,

or other hand tools. Heavy 24-gauge steel constr4c–

tion, electrically welded for extra strength and rigid–

ity. Large lift-out "tote" tray has heavy round


rying bar and full length compartment for sockets ...

keeps them where you can find them easily. Full

length, easy-action piano type hinge, keeps cover

fitting perfectly. Heavy reinforcing corner irons.

Strong hasp and fittings. Comfortable leather han–



machinery gray finish.

99 N 06520-Shipping weight 12 pounds . . . .$3.85


CRAFTSMAN Carpenters' Tool Box. Splendid

for carpenters, mechanics or plumbers who use

long tools. Size 30x8


inches. Heavy 22-gauge

steel construction, electrically welded for extra

strength and durability. Full length divided tray for

small tools ; wood bottom to protect sharp-edged

tools and to help keep them from rusting. Saw clips

in both top and bottom to hold 4 hand saws. Strong

metal handles on both ends, and top for convenient

carrying. Full length, easy-action piano type hinge.

Strong hasp and fittings. Machinery gray finish .

99 N 06517-Shipping weight 20 pounds .. .



CRAFTSMAN all-steel Machinists' Chest. Open-top style.

Good quality priced low. Size 20x9x12.V. inches. De–

signed for tool and die makers, and general machinists.

Heavy duty, all-steel construction; cannot warp or pull

apart. Moisture-resistant; helps guard tools from rusting.

Top raises to give a roomy, felt-lined compartment for larger

tools. Two large and five small drawers are accurately

fitted; slide easily; felt-lined to protect precision tools. When


chest is opened, front locking panel slides


bottom draw-

er. Strong built-in tumbler lock with 2 keys. Comfortable

leather handle. Rust-resisting machinery gray finish.

99 N 06522-Shipping weight 29 pounds..... .. . .$14.50


CRAFTSMAN Hardwood -l"ool Chest. Open-top . style.

Professional quality. Size 20x8)'Bx12.V. inches. Rugged–

ly built of fine-grained, t\loroughly seasoned hardwood ...

hand-rubbed lacquer finish; just like a piece of fine furniture.

Locked corner joints so frame will not come apart. Roomy,

felt-lined top compartment. Five small and two large draw–

ers, felt-lined to protect sharp-edged and precision tools.

Drawer supports are set in grooves, and are hand fitted for

easy sliding. When chest is opened, front panel slides under

bottom drawer, out of the way. Rc:.inforced ,with heavy cor–

ner irons. Inside cover felt-lined; with mirror. Strong lock

and key; durable catches. Comfortable leather handle.

99 N 06535-Shipping weight 24 pounds.

. .$21.50