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New all-purpose Bulb Holder $2.50



Electric Heater-easily carried from room to room $8,50

flip-flop 1ype

@) Beautiful Electric Toaster $3.19


Kenmore Automatic Heat Pad $4.25


Kenmore Iron $6.9


Electrical gifts. for the home are sure to please

Handy new Holder for heat bulbs, sun bulbs


An all-purpose swivel-type holder for all reflector-type heat bulbs, sun bulbs and

spot or flood lights. You can hang it ... clip it ... stand it. Adjusts to any posi·

tion-swing it up and down or any angle. Beautiful bonderized enamel finish.

This holder carries the Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. seal of approval. Check

these additional features: Sturdy porcelain socket for greater safety. Positive swivel

spring always holds


in same position. Handy spring clip for easy mounting

to table or chair without sc•atching. Can also be mounted in permanent position

if desired. Sunlamp and heat bulbs for holder are listed below.

20 N 7121-Bulb Holder only. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.... .. . ............



Ultra-violet Sunlamp Bulb. 275-watt Westinghouse RS Sunlamp bulb, self–

contained with built-in reflector. Use with above holder for that seashore tan .

20 N 7091T-For 110-120-volt 50-60-cycle AC only .. . . .. . ....



Westinghouse Infra-Red Heat Bulb. 250-watt bulb with built-in reflector. Use

it in above holder to help ease aching muscles; or wherever penetrating heat is

prescribed by your doctor. Also dries hair, nail polish, paint; thaws pipes, etc.

20 N 7107-For 110-125 volts, AC or DC........ . ..... . .

. ......



Kenmore Electric Heater for speedy heat when you need it most


A gift the whole family will enjoy! Quick, clean, extra heat that chases chills in

a jiffy. Lightweight, easy to carry from room to room, plugs into any conven–

ient outlet. Takes the "shivers" out of bathing or dressing on cold winter morn·

ings. Supplements your regular heating system with the extra heat that you so

often need in nursery, children's playroom, living room, to remove chill, break up

annoying drafts, and helps guard against colds, sniffies, and sneezes. Use it in

office or sickroom, too, for comfortable added warmth.

Built like an electric flreplace. Gleaming me(al reflector spreads abundant heat

upward and outward. Streamlined tubular steel stand and metal ends, finished

in bronze color baked-on enamel, are good looking and designed to make heater

especially hard to tip over ... are never too warm to touch. Stand also serves as

carrying handle. Metal guard is removable for cleaning.reflector.

1320-watt, long-life, heavy duty heating element. Attached 5-ft. cord and plug.

Approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. For 110-120-volt A.C. only.

20 N 07187-Shipping weight 14 lbs . ..... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . .



Enclosed door type Electric Toaster

@)A beautiful, useful gift that friends or family will

enjoy for a long time to come . . . yet its low price

is easy on your Christmas shopping budget!

Toasting compartment fully enclosed for fast, even

toasting, holds two large slices of bread. When doors

are lowered toast flops over without handling.

Kenmore Heat Pads-3




Quick, ever-ready help in relieving everyday

aches and pains with dry, soothing heat. Each

heat-low,· medium, and hi11h-is automatically

kept constant by individual thermostat. Cannot

overheat! Raised indicators on switch make it

easy to select the heat you want, even in the dark.

Moisture-repellent inner case encloses element.

Lightweight, automatic Kenmore Iron


New ease, new speed in ironing-What gift could

be more welcome? Weighs only 3 lbs . . . it's

light to lift, yet needs no hard arm pressure.

Bright chrome and black finish is smartly modern

and easy to keep new looking. Cool wood handles.

550-watt clement will not sag. Detachable 6-foot

cord. Approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc.

For any 110-120-volt current.

20 N 6306-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 12 oz ... .$3.19

Beautiful cotton and rayon blanket cloth cover.

Snap fasteners make it removable for washing.

Size 15x12 in. 8-ft. cord. Underwriters' approved.

For 110-120-volt A.C. only. Uses 55 watts.

20 N 6965-Shipping weight 1lb.10 oz ..





new Electric Blanket, page

220. Easy Terms,



It's heat-not wei11ht-that counts! Aluminum alloy

sole-plate heats evenly-no "hot spots" to scorch

fabrics. Heavy duty 1000-watt clement embedded

close to ironing surface heats fast, keeps heat steady.

Latest type thermostat with plainly marked dial

offers correct heat for any fabric-even new syn·

thetics. Attached cord. Approved by Underwriters'

Laboratories, Inc. For 110-120-volt A.C. <10ly.

20 N 6218-Shipping weight 5 lbs ... . .. ..