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Get Weather Forecasts

8 to 24 hours in advance!


Wise old owl Weather Forecaster.


Prophetic birds, these owls-here's

one who'll keep you posted on the

weather situation. YVhen bad weather's due the owlet in

raincoat comes out; when the outlook is bright the coat–

less owlet appears. And all the while, the wary mother

owl keeps an eye on the bad-weather owlet. Molded

plastic; ivory color with green and orange tints.



inches high. With accurate thermometer.

35 N 9450-Shipping weight 1 lb. 12 oz.. Each $2.49


Swiss Cottage Weather Forecaster. Know what

tomorrow's weather will be, make plans with con–

fidence ... this quaint cottage really gives "weather

reports." When weather promises to be fair, the happy

children come out; the old witch warns of rain. Made

of walnut-gay, with colorful details. Size about 4Y.x

3y.'x7 in. high with accurate thermometer.

35 N 9400R-Shipping weight 1 lb .. . ... Each $1.49


Plume design Wall Brackets.

Hang them on either side of

pictures or mirrors-they provide

a charming setting for favorite

curios. Made of composition. Top

about 6x3 inches; about 8




Stale choice:

gold or ivary

color. Shipping weight 6 lbs.

35 N 9677........... Pair$1.00

@] Floral design Wall Brackets.

Use on either side of pictures

or mirrors. Composition (looks

like porcelain) . . . so expertly

crafted, they'll be taken for cera–

mic pieces. Soft colors and gold–

color trim, applied under the

gleaming glaze. Match figurines

[E]. Abt. 7 in. high; shelf abt.

7 Y,x3Y. in. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. 8 oz.

35 N 9662M ....... Pair



Richly colored Glass Console Sets

Sheer glamour in glassware ... these distinctively shaped console sets,

enhanced with vibrant color. They're expertly hand-crafted, smartly

decorative ... just the gifts to make a hostess happy this Christmas-tide.


Gold-color set with silver-color lining.

\.~ edge

bowl (11 Y,-in.

diam.) is brimful of charm . . .



silver-color inside.

Overall iris pattern. Plain



't ,._

ndleholders 5 in. high.

Candles not includ



right on facing page.

-Shi c;,O

6 pounds ......... 3-piece set


Ruby-color set with silver-color design. Glowing color and that definite

look of luxury .. . this set has both ... plus a way of transforming a

simple table or buffet setting into something stunnin'l'. All three pieces

are ruby-red, with "inlaid" silver-color floral design. Match [R] on

facing page. Twin candleholders 5 in. high; bowl about 11



in diam. Candles not included; for candles see facing page.

35 N 02016M-Shipping weight 8 pounds........ 3-piece set $7.89

Buy Christmas Gifts



Terms. See page

2 31

for complete



70 ..






Colonial Figurines. Beautiful

lady and periwigged gentle–

man ... fine composition that

closely resembles porcelain.High

glaze; soft colors and gold-color

trim to match brackets [DJ. About

7 in. tall. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.

35 N 9679M ..... Pair $7.49


Occasional Shelf. Scallopsand

scrollwork, nicely combined

in a metal wall shelf. Baked-on

white enamel finish. About 19

in. high. Shelves about


in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz.

35 N 9699 ....... Each $1.98


Stinky and Phooey_Pert-look-

ing, laugh-provoking pair

of skunks. Richly glazed china;

ebony-black with white trim.

About 3Y, in. high. Shipping

weight 1 pound.

35 N 9728.. . ..... Pair $1.49


Metal Corner Shelf in red.

Get this corner shelf and see

what its color does for drab

corners! Graceful leaf design;

baked-on red enamel finish.

Overall size about 8x21 inches

high. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.

35 N

9509 ... . ..


Each $1.98