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Animal Plant-holder s , Harmony House styled

For an original and imaginative Christmas gift, order a colorful animal plant-holder.

Each clever animal in this little group is "trained" to hold a shining glass bowl which

you can fill with plants or flowers or goldfish. Amusing novelties like these are always

welcome ... they create a gay and "homey" atmosphere. And they are proof that

small ornaments put the finishing touches in a home. After seeing them, you won't be

satisfied until you have one. When buying one for a gift, don't forget yourself!


Donkey with Bowl.


bright and appealing as a

Mexican ·pack-burro at a fiesta! He's-ivory"white

pottery with an exceptionally lustrous glaze; and he's

bedecked with colorful flowers. Use the two pieces

together (as in large illustration), or separately (by

planting directly into donkey and floating flowers

in bowl). About 12 in. tall, 10jq" in. long. Glass

bowl about 6 in. in diam. Plants not included.

35 N 09694-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs... . ........ Each



Fish and Bowl Wall Vase. Fishing for compliments?

Then get this unique vase. Pottery fish is orange–

color, with big blue eyes; his tail supports the glass

bowl. Height about 1ljq° in Bowl 6 in. in diam. With

metal bracket, screws. Ivy not included.

35 N 09540-Shipping weight I pound .... Each



HarJnony House helps

to home entertaining


Pla yful Kitten with Fish Bowl. You'll be amused

by the intent way this kitten peers into the bowl;

he's in an impish mood that's certain to take anyone's

fancy. He's two-tone gray composition with pink nose

and mischievous eyes. K itten. about 7Ux7


in. over–

all. Glass bowl (about 5-inch diameter) can be used

for plants or small fish. Goldfish not included.

2 89

35 N 09495-Shipping weight 6 pounds .. Each

$ ,


Trained Seal Ivy Holder. This glistening ulack

composition seal does a wonderful act ... he bal–

ances a glass bowl (about 4 inches in diameter) on his

nose. For ivy, or for floating a flower Overall size

about 11 Y,x8 inches. Ivy not included.

35 N 0978 1-Shipping weight 5 pounds. . .. Each



Plastic Salt and Pepper Shakers. Designed to solve the problem of

clogged openings-a light press of the finger sifts contents out bot–

tom. Packed in smart matching case that's handv for cigarettes, candr or

keepsakes. Assorted pastel color::; no choice. Box about 3V.x3Y, in.

35 N 9805--Shipping weight 8 ounces......................... Set



15-piece Highball Set. To dispense good cheer we offer this con-

venient set. fv(odern-style wood tray with alcohol-resistant, walnut-


color "finish. No jiggling, no spilling . . . glasses fit into holes in tray.

Four 9-oz. highball glasses with gold-line trim; four 1


shot glasses;


32-oz. square glass decanter with stopper; four glass stirring rods.





35 N 02779-Shipping weight 8 pounds.............. . ...... Set


Set of 8 Coaster-Ashtrays ... frosted glass, in assorted deliqte pastel

colors. (No color choice). They lend a party air to any occasion. Use



as coasters, or as ashtrays-each has 4 cigarette rests. Gift boxed.

35 N 9664-Each abt.


in. long. Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz. Set of 8

for $1.59


Set of 8 Aluminum Coasters. With rich-looking satin finish; all have

mallard ducks and cat-tails in attractive raised design.

35 N 9605R-Approx.imateiy 37.(-in. diam. Shpg. wt. 8 oz .. Set of 8

for 98C


. .








"Beautiful Baby" Plaques make delightful nurs-

ery or bedroom decorations. Three wide-eyed,

smiling infants are composition, sprayed in natural



favorite baby poses: standing (about 9 in.

tall); creeping and resting (about 8 in. long).

35 N 9637-Shipping weight 1 lb. 2 oz. Set of 3

for $1.29


Glow-in-the-dark Prayer Plaque. R eassures chil-

dren . . . makes them feel safe when they're

tucked in bed and the lights are turned out. Com–

plete words of "Now I lay me down to sleep," classic

childhood prayer, glow in the dark till child falls

asleep. (Daylight restores glowing quality of words.)

Colorful background. Fiberboard ; ivory-finish wood

frame; no glass. About 9x11,V. inches.

35 N 9580-Shipping weight 10 oz.. .

. .. Ea.