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Distindive 3-pc. Cigarette Set with a quaint, ap-

pealing design. Beautifully fashioned of highly

glazed ivory-color pottery. Roomy cigarette box

(about 5)1.i'x3)1.i'xl


deep) has raised horse-and–

buggy design on lid; two trays (about 37.i'x2 in.)

have lamp-post motif. A marvelous gift!

35 N 9666- Shipping weight I lb. 4

07. . .•




Miniature-stove Ashtray that really "gets cook-

ing." Put a cigarette on the rest, and watch the

smoke curl up the chimney! Wine-color pottery

with a gleaming glaze. About 3Y. in. high.

35 N 9543R-Shipping weight I lb. . ......Each


Surprise your friends who smoke by giv-





ing them pull-match ashtrays . . . com-

bination match-holders and ashtrays .. .

skillfully designed


suit smokers' needs. 35 N 9632

The matches light instantly when pulled from holders

... they're tightly held in place, can't fall out. And

the ashtrays are so big (6Y,-inch diam.), there's no ex–

cuse for a cigarette's falling out and burning furniture.


Popular plastic-and-gloss Pull-match Ashtray. Plas-

tic match-holder; glass ashtray (assorted colors;

sorry, no choice). About 250 matches in stand; 2 refills

(about 250 matches each) included.

35 N 9604-About 7


in. high. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. Set



Our newest,chrome-plated Pull-match Ashtray. Sleek

and modern . .. expertly made of solid brass with

gleaming nickel and chrome plate finish. Cigarette rest;

plastic knob legs. Set gives abt. 1750 lights-about 250

matchesinstand;6 refills,eachabout250matches.

35 N9632-Abt.7y.. in. high. Shpg. wt. 2lbs. 4 oz. Set


35 N 9506-Refills (for both ashtrays above). Each

about 250 matches. Shipping weight 4 ounces. 2 for


Odor-free Smokers

These smoking stands rate A-plus for



efficiency and good looks. Use them

in home, office, club or lobby and



odors. They're 35 N06351

roomy enough to catch


the ashes. To dispose of

smoldering cigarettes and ashes, simply press but–

ton ... stubs and ashes drop into container beneath

tray. Containers are easily emptied, easily cleaned

... they're large enough to serve for a long, long

time without being emptied. Stands are simply

styled, to go with any type of furniture .. . sturdily

con>tructed of heavy-gauge metal; have lustrous

baked-on enamel finish. Bases are designed to


tip-resistant. Both stands have gleaming chrome–

plated ash-containers and trim.


Large gray-enameled Smoker with troy. For

greatest convenience, get this smoker with the

14-inch, burn- and liquor-resistant tray.

35 N 06351-Ht. 22 in. Shpg. wt. 9 lbs.Each



Standard-style Smoker. With reeded pedestal;

pleasing black enamel finish.

35 N 06352-Ht. 20 in. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. Each


Unique Bookends and Ashtrays

with a practical utility


Scotty Bookends. Let these scotties stand guard over your books !

All-metal bookends with beautiful bronze-plate finish. Heavy

enough to be really efficient. Felt padded to protect table. Match

scotty ashtray [HJ. About 5}4'x3V.x5 in. high. Books notincl.

35 N 9669M-Shipping weight 5 pounds . .. . .. .. . ... .... Pair



Scotty Ashtray. All-metal, rich bronze-plate finish. Removable

black glass liner with 4 cigarette rests. Felt padded bottom.

Matches bookends [G]. About 8)4'x4V.x4Y, inches high.

35 N 9539M-Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces ........ Each



Aqua Blue Glass Owl Ashtray. Generous-size, hand-made ash-

tray. Tail feathers form 4 cigarette rests; 3 snuffers extinguish

cigarettes, permit them to be re-lit. Abt. 6.)4' in. long.

35 N 9807-Shipping weight I pound 4 ounces . . ... . .. . . .Each



Snuffer Ashtrays. Pair of satin-finish aluminum ashtrays .. .

each with 2 cigarette rests and 2 snuffers. To extinguish cigarette,

place it in snuffer .. . to keep it lit, extend it all the way through.

Half-smoked cigarettes can


re-lit. About 57'1 in. square.

35 N 9663-Shipping weight 10 ounces . . ........ ... . ... .Pair




213 ..