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3-pc. Set








Gift Ideas for the thoughtful giver

to make homes attractive, comfortable


Multicolor Print Cloth ..• color accent for meals. This table-

cloth will wear and wear ... and its gay printed pattern will

come from the tub always fresh and bright. Assorted multicolor de–

signs (similar to illustration) printed on extra good quality white

cotton •heeling. Hemmed, laundered ready for use. 48x50 in.

125 N 7911 -Shipping weight 14 ounces ........... Each



Distinctively styled Floral Print Cloth. She's sure to like the

up-to-the-minute designs on this fine quality cloth. 503 cotton

and 503 spun rayon. Assorted floral patterns (similar to illustra–

tion) in lovely colors.

Please stale 1st and 2nd choice '!/predominating


blue, gold, green, rose. Size 52x52 in.

125 N 7912-Shipping weight 15 ounces .......... Each



Hot Di;h Pad Set. Here's an ideal Christmas gift for any hostess.

This attractive set provides excellent table protection ... made of

white paper laminated on chipboard with imitation leather back.

Assorted color decal trim. 5 pieces: one, 9x14 in.; one, 7x10 in.;

two, each 6x8 in.; one, 5x7 in. Boxed


.. ready for giving).

125 N 8910-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz........ .5-piece Set


@]Novelty Chair Back Set. This unusual set will protect upholstered

furniture and add to its attractiveness, too. Bleached white cot–

ton sheeting with decorative ruff.led cream cotton lace edging. 3

pieces: 1 back rest, abt. 12xl9 in.; 2 arm rests, each abt. 9x12 in.



81 DO-Shipping weight 4 oz ........... 3-piece Set



Triangle Pillow ... always a favorite. Soft, plump jumbo size

pillow with many uses ... gives comfortable support to your back

when you read, drive or just relax. Printed florals (red and green

predominating) on cream color ground cotton twill. Tape bound edges.

Filled .with reprocessed kapok. Patterns similar to illust.

25 N


11x14x18 in. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz .. Each



Snap-Apart Bed Rest Pillow.



this Christmas.

Here's a wonderful new version of your favorite bed rest pillow.

There's nothing more practical, more versatile than this 3-way bed

rest ... it's really 3 comfortable pillows in one. Designed for use in

many, many ways. Arms have firm metal snaps-can be removed

and used as bolsters-back can then be used as a triangle pillow.

You'll enjoy the luxurious softness of the bed rest, no matter how you

use it. Stores away easily, too. Heavy cotton twill in prinied florals

(red and green predominating). Filled with reprocessed kapok.

Patterns similar to illust. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs.

25 N 08464-Size back, 17x18 in.; arms, each 8x18 in. Ea.




Exquisite Boudoir Doll. A lovely gift for milady's boudoir.

"Roberta" has delicate hand painted facial features, long lashes

and a shining, softly curled mohair wig. Her Celanese rayon satin

dress is long-full skirted ... comes in assorted soft pastel colors

... adorned with 4-inch rich rayon lace. Composition head, arms

and feet. Cotton felt stuffed body. About 26 in. high.

25 N 04612-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs...................... Each



Knitting Bag with New Folding "Lucite" Frame.


enough for all knitting, darning, mending, etc.... folds for

carrying. A gift that will delight your favorite needleworker. Made

of durable cotton prints in assorted colors and patterns. Cotton

lined. Sturdy frame of beautiful "Lucite" (clear plastic).



4549-12!1"x14 ~x8

in. Shpg. wt. 1lb.4oz.... Each


Chri•lma• Shop the


"arm-choir" way.