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Wherever he goes, he'll like a handso1ne Travel Kit

INITIALED IN GOLD ... FREE! Any travel kit listed on this page.

Christmas orders must be received

initials wanted (3 initials only).

instructions cannot be returned.


rough-grained Leather Kit


Low priced kit to make a we!-


come gift for the man who

travels. Rough-grained leather; zipper on 3

sides. Fittings include hair brush, plastic cov–

ered container, plastic toothbrush hoider, lotion

bottle, comb, mirror, emery and orange stick.



Hin. Slc Fed. Tax Incl. Ship–

ping weight each 1 pound.

6NR9031-Black. 6NR9032-Brown. Ea. $3.59

IO-piece suntan Leather Kit

@]A convenient gift for the trav-




Durable suntan

color leather, saddle stitch trim. Zipper closing

on 3 sides. Honey color fittings include brush,

bottle, 3 plastic containers mounted on tray that

can be removed to make room for handkerchiefa,

socks, etc. 1-firror, hat brush, steel tweezers,

comb and nail file are mounted in lid. Conven–

ient size 10;-s'x6 V.,x2 in. 96c Fed. Tax Incl.

6 NR 9036-Shipping weight 2 pounds.. $7.49

by Dec. 1st. Print clearly

Kits initialed according to

No C.O.D. orders accepted.

14-pc. rough-grained Leather Kit


Last year's best selling kit . . .


one to meet his every need.

Water-repellent cotton lining stays neat, clean.

Zipper closing. 2 brushes, 3 plastic containers,

bottle, toothbrush holder, comb, mirror, shoe

horn, emery and orange stick, cuticle pusher, hat

brush incl. Size 13x6}'.ix2 in. Shipping weight

2 lbs. 4 oz. 86c Fed. Tax Incl.

6NR9034-Black. 6NR9035-Brown. Each.$6.25

Cowhide Kit with Nylon Brush

@)Top grain suntan color cow-




with handy \\.·ater-

repellent washcloth pocket and nylon brush.

Smooth sliding zipper closing on 3 sides. Honey

color fittings include a nylon bri,tle hair brush,

clothes brush, 3 plastic cases, toothbrush holder,

c01nb, shoe horn, 1nirror, tweezers, scissors, and

nail file. Easy to carry size 1lx7x2.Y4 inches high.

Price includes $2.16 Federal Excise Tax.

6 NR 9052-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz ...... $15.00

30 ..





.Unfitted Leather Kits for men or women


Handsome top grain cowhide kit in popular top zipper

style. Stay-open type wire frame provides wide open–

ing. Attractive saddle stitch trim; water-repellent lining.

Reddish brown color. Size 9,\.\xS7fx4 inches.

6 NR 9027E-Shpg. wt.12 oz. 203 Fed. Tax




Rough grained imported pigskin kit, zipper on 3 sides.

Water-repellent lining plus washcloth pocket. Inside

loops for toothbrush, accessories. Handle loop on back;

saddle stitch trim. Size 8rgx5tlix3y.j inches. S11pg. wt.

each 1 lb. 203 Fed. Excise Tax Incl.

6 NR 9050E-Black. 6 NR 9051 E-Brown .. Each $7.66

For a more complete selection of handsome travel kits,

see Sears big 1946 Fall and Winter Genetal Catalog.

Modern Plastic Fitted Kit

Handsome, luxurious appearan(:e of British




brown cowhide plus the extra long life of water-

proof, scratch-resistant plastic. Bound with the same

tough material to add many years ofsen•ice. Sturdy zipper

closing; attractive plastic coated cotton lining cleans

easily with damp cloth. Matched honey tap fittings held

securely in place by bands of same tough plastic as exte–

rior. Fittings include 3 covered plastic containers, plastic

toothbrush holder, comb, brush, cuticle pusher, hat bru,h,

bottle, mirror, emery board. Size 10Y


x774'x2 inches. 73c

Feel. Tax Incl.

6 NR 9044-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz... .. .... ... . ...$4.94