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The way to a man's heart

on Christmas morning

Old Spice Toiletries-choice of discriminating men

W hen it's a man you w a nt· to please, c hoose Old Spice. The scent of these

toiletries is tangy and masculine. T h e contain ers are of potter y - in an

early American pattern · with clipper sh ip d esign . A handsome gift!


7-piece Set. 4-ounce bottle of after-shav-

ing lotion ; shaving m ug wi th soap; 4-

ounce bottleof Cologne; 3-ounce talc; 3 cakes

of men's soap. In gift box. Postpaid.

8 N 98 55- I ncludes SSc Fed. Tax..



3 -piece Set. 4-ounce bottle of after-

shaving lotion ; shaving mug with soap ;

3-ounce container of men,s talc. In


box. Postpaid.

8 N 7205R- Includes 3Sc Fed. Tax. $3.10


3-piece Travel Kit. Contains I-ounce after–

shaving lotion; shaving stick; }4'-ounce

men's talc. In gift box. Postpaid.

8 N 9856- Includes I Oc Federal T ax.$1.35


2-piece Set. Includes 4-ounce bottle of

after-shaving lotion ; 3-ounce container

of men's talc. In gift box.

8 N 7206RE- Postpaid .... . .. . .. . .$2.10


Shaving Mug. H a ndsome m ug with

SH-ounce of shaving soap.

8 N 7523- Postpaid.

. .... . .$1.00


Men's Talc. 3-ounce contai ner of men's

talc in n eutral tint.

8 N 7603E- Postpai<l .

. .. .. .90c


After Shaving Lotion. 4-ounce bottle

of refreshing after-shaving lotion.

8 N 7609E- Postpaid .

. . .$1.20

Seaforth Products-reminiscent of Scotch


The fragrance of Seaforth will remind h im o f Scotch fern a n d heather,

a combination that's distinctly masculine. T oiletries a r e p ut up in

miniature r eplicas ofanc ient Scotc h j ugs-with snug caps. In g ift bo.xes.


7-piece Set. 4-ounce bottle of shaving

lotion; 3,Yl'-ounce container of talc;

4-ounce bottle of haird ressing; shaving mug

with soap; 3 bars of soap. Postpaid.

8N9860- Includes 60c Federal Tax $5.60


2-piece Set. 4-ounce bottle of shaving

lotion; 3Y,-oz. container of talc.

8 N 9857E- Postpaid . .. . .... . . .. $2.40


3-piece Set. 4-ounce bottle of shaving

lotion ; shaving mug with soap;


con tainer of men's talc. Postpaid.

8N9859-Includes 40c Federal Tax. $3.40


2-piece Set. Shaving mug with soap;

4-ounce bottle of shaving lotion. Price

includes 20c Federal T ax.

8 N 9858 - Postpaid .

. .. $2. 20

Yardley Toiletries-scented with Old English lavender

To please a man of any a ge, g ive Y a rdley to ile tries. T h e ir r efreshing

but light lavender fragrance makes them a sp ecial favorite a t Christ–

mas. Carefully prepared of choice ing r edients and attractively packaged.


Talc. Neutral tint. Shaker box.

8 N 7602RE-Postpaid. 3Y, oz. .$1.02


After-Shaving Lotion. Cooling and sooth–

ing on the skin. 7-ounce bottle.

13 N 761 OE- Postpaid .. . . .. . . . . .. .$1.50


Hair Tonic. I I-ounce bottle.

8 N 61 21 E- Postpaid . . .



Shoving Bowl. Makes a crea my lather to

soften tough beards. In wood bowl.

8 N7507- Postpaid ... . .... . .. . ..$1.00

Spruce Shaving Sets-crisp, bracing fragran ce

Put an invigorating Spruce Shav ing Set under the tree for that "sp ecia l"'

man. The forest-fresh fragrance will r emind him of the northern woods

and lakes. In attractive g ift boxes of dark green and silver co lor.


2-piece Shaving Set. Plastic shaving

bowl with soap; SY,-ounce bottle of

after-shave lotion. Postpaid .

8 N 7207- Includes 20c Federal T ax . $2.15


2-piece After-Shave Set. 4-oz. talc;

S~oz. bottle of after-shave lotion.

8 N 9886E- Postpaid ............ $2.40


3-piece Shaving Set. Contains


ounce bottle of refreshing after-shave

lotion; white plastic shaving bowl with

quick-lathering shaving soap; 4-ounce con–

tainer of men's


in neutral tint. Price

includes 40c Federal Tax. Just the thing for

his Christmas!

8 N7203- Postpaid. . .

. .$3.35

Champrel Shaving Sets-at an extremely modes t price !

For toiletries with the pungent odor of the Scotc h highlands, give h im

one of these Champre l sets. F lask-ty p e contain ers especially desig n ed

for m en. Each set com es in a sm art box. A g-ift he w ill welcom e !


3-piece Shaving Set. 4-ounce flask of



4-ounce tube of brushless or

lather shave cream

(please slate clwice);


ounce bottle of after-shave lotion. Price

includes 20c Federal T ax.

8 N 9737- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. . . . .. ... $1.49


2-piece After-Shave Set. Contain,; 4-

ounce bottle of after shave · lotion; 4-

ounce container of talc.

8 N 9732E-Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz . . . $1.07


3-piece Shaving Set. 4-ounce bottle of

after-shave lotion ; shaving mug with

soap ; 4-ounce container of talc. Price in–

cludes 20c Federal T ax.

8 N9739- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 14 oz ...$1.69


2-piece Shaving Set. 4-ounce bottle of

after-shave lotion; 4-ounce tube ofbrush–

less or lather shave crea m

(please stale choice).

Includes Sc Federal Tax.

8 N 9736- Shpg.


1 lb. 10 oz . . .. 89C





Tax where Eis




number (as


N 9732E)


























!\fen's Toile tries -budget priced

Williams Shaving Set. A use–

ful gift for any man. Set con–

tains S-ounce bottle of Aqua

Velva: 3-ounce con tainer of

after-shaving talc innewbronze

shade; 2-ounce tube of luxury

shaving cream. Packed in gift

box. Price includes I 2c Fed–

eral Tax. Postpaid.

8 N 9861 . . .

. $1.01

Marbury Toiletries Set. This

popular set is just the thing

for an inexpensive gift. Set

consists of 4-ounce bottle of

hairdressing; 4-ouncc con–

tainer of men


s talc; and 4-

ounce bottle of after-shaving

lotion. Comes packed in gift

box. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz.

8 N 9720E .. . .. .. . . .. $1.07

Handy 'Mirrors for easier shaving

Adjustable Shoving Mirror.

Stands on table or hangs on

wall . .. support is adjustable.

Metal frame and support arc

finished in off-white enamel.

M irror is plain on one side

and magnifying on other.

Diameter SY. inches. Shpg.

wt. 2 lbs.

8 N 9921

. . ..$1.29

Electric Shave Mirror. G ives

plenty of light for shaving–

through frosted glass window.


6 ]

x 9


in. Complete

with 2S-watt bulb, S feet of

cord, a nd plug outlet for elec–

tric razor. For 110-120 AC

curren t only. Shipping weight

2 pounds.

8 N 6264 ..



Shaving Brushes-useful and practical


Heavy DutyShaving Brush.

A gift he will use every day

of the year. Mixture ofChinese

bristles and hair. Has black and

white plastic handle. Length


in. Shpg. wt. 4 oz.

8 N 7669..... . .... .. $1.39


Shaving Brush with ruby-

colored handle. Attrac–

tive transparent ruby-colored

plastic handle. Sterilized better

quaIity genuine bristles. Simu–

lated badger casing (ou tside).

Overall length 4

}~ in.



Lucite Handle Shaving

Brush. Modern box-type

handle has smart new


made of crystal clear Lucite.

Sterilized high-quality bristles.

Length 4 inches.

8N9795- Shpg.wt.8oz.$3.89


Our Best Shaving Brush.

It's handsome! Ferrule of

white plastic with transparen t

Lucite handle. Sterilized high–

quality genuine bristles with

genuine badger casing (ou


side). Length 4



8N9796- Shpg.wt.7 oz.$4.98




. .