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Honeymoon Express

Wind it up and watch train

speed 'round and 'round

through tunnels, over

bridge as plane soars over–

head. AU-metal, brightly

lithographed. Platform


in. across. Key wind

motor, brake. Fun for all.

49 N 5732-Ship-


jumping Jeep

Realistic jeep goes every–

where, does everything

without losing any of its

4 men! All metal. Spring

motor, key attached. Runs

all directions, backwards,

forward, tips back on rear

wheels. 5M in. long.

Speedy Motor Boat

Real life water fun. Bright

colored speed boat, realis–

tically lithographed. All

metal. Has rudder adjust–

able for steering where you

want it to go. Strong wind–

up motor, key attached

!4M in. long.

ping weight 1 pound 98c

49 N 5725-Ship-

ping weight 12 ounces 79C

49 N 5710- Ship-

ping weight 1 pound 87c

Super-powei: heavy-duty Tractors, Tank


Powerful toy farm Tractor ... such a world of power! Pulls .-.,any times

its own weight; climbs 35 degree grades. The clock-spring motor is sturdy.

Equipped with non-skid gripper treads to give added traction. Keeps to lumber–

ing tractor-like speed. Streamlined, with shaped radiator front. Complete

with driver, brake, and hook in back for attaching loads. Key attached. Comes

with easily attached and detached road scraper. All metal.

49 N


in. long by 5 in. wide. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz........ . $2.89


Tractor, Trailer, Scraper Sets. Choice of two models. Both roar up 35°

hills, shove aside sand with road scraper, haul toys in detachable 6-in.

dump trailer. Tractors powered with heavy duty clock-spring motors and sure–

grip rubber treads. Length, including trailer, scraper


Pull loads many

times their own weight. Start and stop lever on tractors.

49 N 5753-Deluxe set with alumi-

49 N 5752-Popular priced set of

num finish. Shipping wt.

lithographed metal. Shpg. wt.


lb. 8 oz. . ................. $1.95 1 lb. 8 oz................... $1.54


Giant, spark-shooting Steel Tank ... What boy wouldn't


thrilled to

own this realistic tank! Crashes toy walls ... climbs steep grades ... rumbles

like real tank . . . even shoots sparks. Dummy cannon in revolving turret. Sure–

grip, caterpillar-type rubber treads. Powerful key-wind clockwork motor;

start and stop lever. Sturdy construction. Camouflage colors.

49 N 5797-5x5Y:ix10


long. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 6 oz..... . .... $2.89


Pair of pecking Birds . . . these

two cute birds have realistic ac–

tion. Turn the key and they hop all

over the floor pecking for food. Color–



metal. Abt. 5J4 in. long.



Mechanical Racer, 13 in. long.

Wind up the key wind spring

motor and let it run across the floor!

Sturdy metal, realistically lithographed.

Metal driver. 2%-in. diam. wheels.

49 N 5712-Shpg. wt.


2 oz... 79c


little red Hen ... just crank the

handle, she cackles and lays one

colorful wooden egg after another!

She's all metal. Feathers brightly col–

ored. About 5Y:ix3J4x4% in. high.

49N5766-Shpg. wt. 7 oz ...




ZIPPO-climbing Monkey. Pull

string taut-watch him scramble

up; hands, feet moving. Release string,

down he comes. All metal, 8% in.

long. Gaily lithographed.

49 N 5709-Shpg. wt. 10 oz... 69c

Rollover Plane

An air circus all by itself!

Mechanical motor toy, all

metal, with man in cockpit.

Runs forward, somersaults,

making complete ground


Repeats action many

times with one winding.

7M-in. wing. 5 in. long.

49 N 5738- Ship-

.ping weight12 ounces98c

Disney's Donald Duck Duet

Amusing! Full of action! Donald beats the

snare drum, while Goofy, the dog, does a

tap dance on the big drum. Long running

key wind, spring motor; brake. Litho–

graphed in bright colors.


in. high,

Sure to be a hit with any youngster.

49 N 5737- Shpg. wt.


lb. .. ..$1.49