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New! "G-E" Eleetronie Reeord Playi!:r-has 2 tubes

Watch the Christmas stars light up in their eyes when they see this under

the tree. The perfect way to start music appreciation early; ideal for chil–

dren and teen-agers. Beautifully lithographed tear-drop shape metal case,

abt. 13x9x5-in. Unlike the usual toy recon:J ,Player, this de luxe model


two tubes, regulation amplifier-rectifier, 372-in. magnetic speaker, combi–

nation on-off switch and volume control covering full range from soft to

loud, and crystal cartridge mounted in time arm. All these features give

you superb tone quality, and you can hear every rapid-fire word in story–

.telling records. Plays up to 12-in. records. Underwriters' Laboratories,


approved. For 105-125 volt A.C., 60 cycle. For records see below and Index.

79 N 02413-Pkg. needles incl. (Record not incl.) Shpg. wt. 8 lbs. $19.95

Low-prieed toy Eleetrie


• All metal. Self-starting motor. Plays up to 10-inch records

• Aluminum diaphragm tone arm for good clear reproduction

Back•again-new and improved model that will be a favorite with every

child. Has dependable selfcstarting induction motor with on-off switch, and

reproduces a good tone. Size 12),lx8x7 inches, brilliantly colored. Just plug

in the cord. For records see below and Index. Approved by Underwriters'

Lab., Inc. For 110-120 volt A.C. only. Needle included.

79 N


not included). Shpg. wt. 7 lbs ........... $8.98

Favorite Song and Story Records

Toy-time Recoftl-Picture


Sets ... a set includes 3 books with 1 record

each ... a grand way to entertain the children! Famous nursery stories

on musical-background 7-inch records, with colorfully illustrated story books

to be

right along with the record. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.




2408-Jack and Bean Stalk; Wm. Tell; Ali Baba ....set of 3 $1.49


N 2410-Beauty and Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Golden Goose .Set$1.49


Nunery Songs Record Set: Farmer in Dell, Tisket-a-Tasket, Twinkle

Little Star, Sing Song of Sixpence, Bo Peep, Mary's Little Lamb.


N 2406-Three 7-in. double-face r_ecords. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz..Set 76C

Cowboy Songs: Home on the Range, Waiting for Wagon, Git Along Little

Dogie, Lone Prairie, Coming 'Round Mountain, Good Bye Old Paint.


N 2407-Three 7-in. double-face records. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz..Set 7 6c

Musical Toys for girls and boys


True-tone Toy Pianos with sturdy

metal cases. Have rich, clear

tone. Feather-touch standard width

keys accustom little fingers to big

piano. 16 page instruction book–

easy to follow. Or child can pick out

simple tunes by .ear. 3 wood


removable music stand.


N 2316-12-key Piano, Presd–

wood top; metal case about

12xl4-in. Shpg.wt.3 lbs. 6oz.$2.98


N 2313-8-key Piano. All metal

case, abt. 1078x8%-in.

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs ............ $1.79


Xylophones with metal.tone cham-

' hers.

Children love the "grown–

up"" tone: rich, vibrant mellow.

Heavy metal tone bars mounted on

felt base, absolutelytrue-toneCl.1 rub–

ber mallet for mellow tones, 1 wood

mallet for sparkle. Instruction book.

49N231 l-12 keys. Abt. 18



49N2310-8 keys. Abt.



..21bs. 14oz.$1.98


Toy Banjo. It's easy to pick out

tunes using the markings on arm,

and instruction sheet! Metal head

8),1-in. diameter. Wood arm. 22 in.

long overall. Steel strings. 4 tuning

pegs that really tune. Pick. Shpg. wt.


pound 8 ounces. ·


N 2331 ............... $2.69


Hurdy Gurdy-A "real" hurdy-

gurdy, child-size, that plays

its tune when you turn the metal

crank. Colorful wood and tekwood

case 8x8x4 in. With bright color

shoulder cord so you can walk

around as you play


like the hurdy

gurdy man. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.


N 2330 .............. $2.79


Juke Box Bank-It's terrific! A

juke box full of music-a bank

for coins! Put in coin and it plays

tune. Watch the Swiss winding

musical movement through window.

Colorful plastic cade. Opens in back.






12 oz. 6 in. high, 4 in. wide.$4.98

For Easy

Terms see page


Musical Toys with real keys!

Here's music for your ears ... Here are real career-starters for the


children! And so reasonably priced when you consider all they offer!

Beautiful colored plastic bodies, both 15 inches long, with real keys


like grown-up models, sized to little beginners' fingers. Both combine durability

with beauty; clear true tone with fast easy action. Full octave of 8 notes; hand–

tuned bronze reeds; nickel-plated polished keys; easy-blowing and hygienic. Child

can quickly learn to play from the 6 song instruction sheets included.




N 2325-Saxophone. Shipping weight 14 ounces ............. $2.39



N 2324-Clarinet. Shipping weight 12 ounces .......... . ..... $1.79

Tots hum. into these Make-believe Instruments

Plastic Toy Instruments-all equipped with


zoos. Simply hum into them-even small chil–

dren learn quickly. Ideal for rhythm bands.

Reproduce humming witb real musical magic.


Shipping weight each 6 ounces.


N 2332-"Sousafun." 6U-in. horn 35C



N 2365-Trombone. 12-in. size.

Real slide, goes in and out 3),1-in ..... 69c



N 2364-Saxophone. 10-in. size... 69c


Top sings as it spins! Music

-action-color-all in

one. Easy to operate. Just pull

wood plunger up, push it

down, repeat till top whirls

away. Lithographed metal

Nickel-plated top cone. Abt.



N 2334 ............44c

Big Hits for little


Magical new Tune-A-Toy. Reads music–

plays true tones. Simply slide in the music

sheet-swing the selector lever with left

hand until wire coinCides with note--push

the button with right hand-out come clear

accurate tones. 6 songs incl. Size 6),lx8-in.


N 2319-Shpg.


3 lbs. 6 oz .. $2.79

10-inch parade Drum. Be a real

bandsman! Painted metal shell;

cotton "tobacco cloth',. heads on

both sides for durability, reso–

nance. 2 drumsticks; strap for car–

rying. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.


N 2321 ...............89c