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$I 12 Treasure Hunt. Party


vorite. Scramble for let-

terstomake wordsdescribingTreas–

ure Hunt cards; win pirate money.

For 2-16 players-all ages. Cards,

letters, money in 8


7'2-in. chest.


N 170-Shipping weight

1 pound 6 ounces ...... . . $1.12

a \itt\e bO)''

. "been

"(ather ha\llno

.est ·tore

SPELL IT - d elights youngsters ages 4 to 10 year s

Amazing game with the magic doors! Spells, adds, multiplies, $ I 79

. .





d s \ kin be.

subtracts. Operates just like a telephone dial. Children dial let-



goo a

Christmas m

ters to spell objects pictured on board. Open the magic door - if word is

spelled correctly a picture of the object appears. When arithmetic prob–

lems are dialed correctly, answer is shown. Educational fun for 1 or more.

Heavy cardboard


inches square.


N 207-Shipping weight 1 pound 4 ounces. .................. $ 1.79


Hookey. Exciting fishing game . .. loads of fun

for tots. All youngsters fish at once with rods

and magnetized lines in the deep sea pool. First

player to fill his frying pan with the correct assort–

ment of metal colored fish wins. 2-4 players. Fish

pool. 4 frying pans, metal fish, rods, Jines, magnets,

16x10Y2 in. colorful "Underseas" box.




N 214-Shipping weight 1 lb. 12 oz..


Tripoley and four other Games. A grand

party kit, fun for all ages. Five stimulating

games to suit everyone's taste. Tripoley ... (a

combination of Hearts, Poker and Rummy), Num–

ber-Chek, Backgammon (Acey-Ducey), Checkers

for fun-filled hours, and Horse-Race for thrills.

Five famous e;ames for the price of one. 30 play–

ing pieces, 24 tiles, 2 dice and 6 horses come in

box 10Y2x10,Y2 inches.


N 241 -Shippingweight 2 lbs. 6 oz... $2.24


. .





Sandman. Fascinating new game that makes

little children's bedtime an interesting venture.

They follow the star path through dreamland, ride

revolving cloud circle to Sunrise Castle, slide down

the beam into bed. Pixie signs direct the clouds,

changing the positions of all players riding the

cloud circle. First one home in bed wins. 2-4

players. Dreamland game board, 4 markers,

spinner. Colorfully illustrated 20x10 $I 79


N 289-Shipping weight 1 lb. 12 oz..


Top-ography. Know your United States! R ace

with time on a peg-map of the U.S.A. A game

that's both educational and amusing ... will pro–

vide hours of fun. Peg·in cilies, lakes, rivers and

national parks beginnini:; with letter ind icated on

alphabet spinner. First to place all his pegs in

map wins. 2-6 players. Spinner, timer, peg map

and pegs in colorful 22x13% inch box.


2 24


N 262-Shipping weight


lbs. 6 oz.


Ringmaster. The new Circus Game ... tops in

entertainment for boys and girls. As ringmaster,

each player has


circus acts to place in the center

of the ring ... clowns, lions, strong men, bareback

riders, seals, elephants. Directed by spinner, play–

ers travel around picture board placing their

marker on its proper box in center ring. First play–

er to place all 6 acts in ring wins. Folding board

19Y2 in. square, 24 circus cut outs, 4 markers,

spinner. 16x10Y2 in. box.



N 290-Shipping weight 1 lb. 12 oz. $1,79


Little Black Sambo. This popular story-book

character is a great favorite with ages 3-10.

Children have fun following in Sambo's footprints

on his famous trip through the jungle. First to get

home to the pancakes wins. For 2-4 players.

Durable folding board, pawns and spinners.

In brightly illustrated 20x !Oinch box.

$ I



N 227-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz..