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Children's Pool Table

A complete little pool game. Set it up on $I.


top of a card table in a jiffy. Table is

19%;x12%x3,!4"-in. high. 4 wooden legs and steel

frame with simulated wood finish. Rubber cushions .

Non-warping Masonite Presdwood surface, covered

with green cotton flocking. 2 spring-type wood cues,

15 colored glass balls, 1 white cue


metal rack.


N 425- Shipping weight 3 lbs. 6 oz. .

. $1.98




An exciting game with a whirling top



that dashes through the archways of a

A game of skill with lightning fast action


just like real ice hockey! Each player con-

Mexican hacienda," knocking down the pins in its

path. Lots of thrills. Each pin scores. Mexican room

scenes lithographed on room partitions and floors .

Masonite Presdwood base; sturdy 20x12-inch metal

frame. 10 smooth pins, high-speed spring steel top .

trols one of the 2


metal goalies by a hand knob

and tries to drive steel ball through opponent's goal.

Beautifully illustrated .composition board rink 24x

11x3 )4-in. high. Built to stand lots of hard play . . .

enameled steel frame; built-in legs. 2 steel balls.


N 0278-Shipping weight 4 pounds...... $1.79


N 0276--Shipping weight 4 pounds.. . .. $2.19

Games of skill for an exciting Christmas


Plastic Duck Pins. Children love to set

'em up and knock 'em down. Ten 2-tone

red and white plastic pins 3;!4-in. high; two

1%-in. Wood balls. Requires little space.


N 162- Shipping wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.. . $1.33


·Horse Shoe Game. Indoor-outdoor


favorite. 2 pairs molded, reinforced 5;!4-

in. rubber horseshoes, 2 enameled steel

plates 11


in. sq.; removable pegs. Rules.


N 174-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 10 oz.. . $1.10


Reversible Dart Game. Red, white and

blue bull's eye. Baseball game on back.

;!4-in. composition board, 17J,2-in. squ':lre.

Steel point darts. (Not for small children.)

49 N 105-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz.. ... 85c


Safety Dart Game. No steel point•

to injure childn;n. Three feathered,

rubber-tipped safety darts stick to the

2 targets. One 4-color target to h1rng

up; one cork-style target on box top.



49 N 117- Shpg.


12 oz.... 49c


Toy Fishing Set; for indoor or out-

door fun. Children have a wonder–

ful time fishing in the bath-tub for the

colorful plastic fish, which hang from

corks in the water. Set includes a 22-

in. rod, reel, line, sinkers, floaters,

safety hooks and water-resistant carry–

ing case, 24-in. long. Instructions.


N 102-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.$1.09

We're good at Puzzles too!


Set of


Wild West Pictures.

Deluxe 14x22-in. cardboard puz–

zles with 4 gorgeous scenc;s. About

300 pieces each. Makes a grand gift.

"On The Trail." Indians pursuing

as stage coach fords stream.

"Custer's last Stand." Battle scene.

"Going Home." 5

mounted cow

hands racing home on spirited horses.

' "Roping a Bear." Wildernes.•battle.

Wild animal vs. hunters.


N 3898-Shpg. wt. 4lbs. Set 98c


Grand prize 1000-piece Puzzle.

Measures about 28x22-in. Stir–

ring scene the whole family will en–

joy assembling. Beautifully printed

on heavy cardboard. Box shows

completed picture as guide.


N 3896-Shpg.


2 lbs... 79c

@ .Set of 3 Walt Disney Punles.

Brilliant colors ... lots of action

in these big 22x14-in. puzzles showing

children's favorite Disney characters:

Snow .White and the


Dwarfs, The

Three little Pigs and Mickey Mouse.

About 300 cardboard pieces in each.


N 388\>-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. Set 83c


Deluxe two-sided Map Puzzle.

Two puzzles in one-a map of the

U.S. on one side, a map of the world

on the other. Made of 20x14-in. dur–

able tekwood (3 ply fiberboard with

wood center). Colorfully lithographed.

InsLTuctive and



cellent way for children to learn

geography as they play.


N 3919-Shpg.wt.1 lb. Soz.$1.19