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American plastic Bricks Kit.

Over 200 peg-socket construc–

tion plastic bricks. Youngsters

can build houses, hangars,

churches, etc., following same

practices as real-life bricklay–

ets. Set includes large 1%:-in.

pieces, representing nest of 9

bricks; half and gable bricks;

colorful embossed windows;

doors and r_oofs. Bricks have

harmless, permanent colors

molded-in. Instructions.

49 N 4720- Shpg. wt.

2 lbs. 4 oz.......... .


Rubber Tool



Four molded rubber

. tools. Folding jack-knife

and dagger, abt. 9 in. long.


hatchet, 10-in.

hammer, with wooden

handles. Shpg. wt.1 lb.

49 N 6446 ........


Set of




Many shapes, sizes, col-

ors. Some round ones

inflate up to 13-in. diam.

Always a big hit with the

children. Airship balloon

26 inches long. Shipping

weight 10 ounces.

49 N 6498 .. . ......


New improved Construction Sets for young builders

Pre-fabricated Housing Kit.

Houses go u-p in a hurry with

these simulated clapboard wood

siding panels. Kit comes com–

plete with blueprints of2 houses,

corrugated roofing pieces, 4 win–

dows, red clay bricks for chim–

ney. cardboard gables, celluloid

window 'glass' wood foundation

pieces and window framing,

sandpaper and brick cement.

Teaches· youngster to read sim–

ple blueprints. Instructions.

Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

49 N 4792 ........ .. .


Brick House-Building Set. 288-

brick kit, with 5 simple blue–

prints for building house, rail–

road station, city hall, apart–

ment building or church. Realis–

tic, miniature


and white clay

bricks are assembled with water–

soluble cement ... can be used

over and over. Set includes roof

materials, accessories for win–

dows and doors, lx.l/i-inch whole

bricks, half bricks, cement, ce–

ment paint, instructions. Shpg.

wt. 6 lbs.

49 N 4791 ... . .. . ....


Metal Walkie..:Talkie

Battery Phone


Halsam American Log Kits. Children can build realistic

log cabins, block houses, forts and stockade communities.

Gives them valuable knowledge of historic pioneer life.

Logs are miniatures of rough-cut hewn logs, notched to fit


easily, neatly and firmly. Roof panels and

chimneys included to make finished models that can be

moved about when completed. Logs can be used over

and over for endless fun. . Instructions included.


63-piece beginner's Kit. Box 13%;xlOYsxYs-in.

49 N 4764-Shipping weight 1 lb. S

oz .. :



86-piece junior Kit. Box 19Ysx12.l/ixYs-in.

49 N 4765-Shipping weight 3 pounds . ...



200-piete deluxe Kit. Box 19%x12.l/ixl %:-in.


49 N 4775-Shipping weight 5 lbs. 6 oz.... .


Coll room • to .. rbom

from attic or basement.

Call mother from play–

house or garage.

Quick calls to the

office or stock-room

Great fun to use when play–

ing G-Man, cops and rob–

bers, scouting, etc. Use as

toy loudspeaker, signal de–

vice, field telephone. Tap

out messages with tele–

graph key. (Morse code on

one side.) Signal whistle on

top. Dial for emergency

calls, clicks when turned.

12-ft. string for phone con–

nections included. Litho–

graphed in gay colors.Web

shoulder strap. 3Y2x4;Ysx

12-in. hiih. Instructions.

49 N 6468

Low-cost set of 2 phones

with built-in buzzers, for

children's room - to - room

calls. Lots offun: and good

practice for them, too.

Comes with two 25-ft.

lengths of wire. Heavy

gauge steel, attractively

finished, Easy to hang from

nail or hook. Operates on

two or more standard dry

cell batteries (not in–

cluded). Buzzer button on

each box for calling· other

party. Instructions. Shpg.

wt. 2lbs.

2-way Magic Phone-no hatterie!', no electricity!

Shpg. wt, 1 lb .....


49 N 4620 ..... .


War-time wonder, 1·e-designed for use as a thrilling toy for


..hildren or as a useful phone for floor-to-floor or. buildin!(-


to-building calls. Just press "the lever to call other person

to phone, pick up the receiver and talk. You'll be amazed at how

clearly yon can hear. Small


, built into each receiver,

eliminate the necessity of batteries. No permanent installation necessary.

Two cradle-type phones made of sleek, lightweight plastic. Receivers

7%-in. long. 40 feet of rubber covered wire included. More can be

added. For indoor or outdoor use. Instructions.


N 2403-Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces ........... .