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Brand new! Lionel Aluminum Construction Sets

•Miniature girders made of square alull)inum tubing

• Telescopic assembly principle - flexible, sturdy

•Rapid, easy joining with rivets and rubber rings

• Structural parts can be used over and over again

• Plastic flanged wheels for building rail cars, etc.

• Slip-on treaded tires adapt wheels for auto-making

• Completed models arn scale realistic and beautiful

•All set• have illustrated manual of instructions

Speedy assembly! True-to-life appearance! These sets have everything that's wante<:l by boys who love to

build. Revolutionary new snap-on rivet joining principle. All aluminum 3-dimensionol structurol ports. Parts ofall

sets interchangeable ... all havethe beautiful new 2-purpose plastic wheels. The 2 larger sets ha\·e motors. Any


these splendid sets will keep him happily busy for hours of absorbing interest ... teach him the rudiment•

of mechanics and construction.There's a real thrill awaiting the boy who has "made it with his own hands."



5-structurol ports



49 N


(Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.) .. $3.95


302-structurol ports Set, with motor.




(Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.). $9.95


164-structur;,I ports Set.





(Shpg: wt. 3 lbs.). $5.95


4 90-structurol ports Set, with motor.




(Shpg. wt. 16 lbs.)$15.75

194 .





with experiments in



Complete Chemical

Outfit-over ·

690 experiments

Presenting ... a thrilling introduction. to the mysteries and

miracles of Atomic Ene1gy in a highly educational manual

with equipment and material for safe experiments.

For the first time a Chemical Set with a series of Atomic Energy

experiments! Has the new Chemcraft Spinthariscope, an amazing

·instrument that actually shows the splitting of· on atom! Includes

uranium ore specimen, splendid assortment of other non-dangerous

chemical's, labor'!lory equipment and experiments for young chem–

ists. Learn to form and blow gloss·--over 60 projects in special man–

ual. Perform feats of chemical magic-over 95 stunts in manual.

Also 529 scientific and entertaining experiments outlined in large

general manual. "Illustrated Chemistry" tells story of


in pictures. Five easy-to-read manuals in all! Beautiful laboratory

style wood cabinet; open size 31 )1x14 in. high.


N 04776-Shipping weight 10 pounds.... -..

. ..... $9.39

Young scientists' Microscope


Precision Mim;>scope-all metal; automatic turret

mounting 3 lenses; crackle finish. De Luxe set–

microscope, 2 test tubes, porcelain dish, 14 bottles of



glass slides, slide box, labels, specimens,

2 dissectors, 2 stirritig rods, medicine dropper.

In 10%'.-in. high wooden laboratorr cabinet. Scienti–

fic manual incl. Made by an optical company.

49 N 4772- Shipping weight 4 pounds .... .$7. 29


Gilbert 3-lens Microscope in set w,ith "Polaroid

Jr."-latest lighting control for clearer observa–

tions. Microscope, 2 test tubes, 7 slides, tweezer, 12

chemicals, tray, eye-dropper, labels, cover glasses,

fish scales, 2 dissectors, stirring rod. Sturdy carton.

49 N 4702-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz ......... $5.29

63-piece Chemistry Set

Just think of this: you can perform mort" $5.87

than 400 exciting chemical experiments

and scientific stunts with the non-dangerous chemi–

cals and apparatus in this set! You can blow


glass and fashion ornaments of glass ... can make

colored fire ... test foods for their elementq ...

make real cement ... tan leather ... make sparklers,

soda water, strange water colors ... set up hundreds

of other fascinating reactions. 2-door wooden lab–

oratory cabinet 1Ox2J1x14


in. high. Illustrated

general manual and glass-blowing booklet.

·79 N 04757-Shipping weight 7 lbs ........ $5.87