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Famous Weeden Steam Engines

It's a thrill no boy should miss-a power plant of his very

own-with flashing flywheel, real whistle, water gauge and

safety valve to check like a real engineer! Electric

engines approved by l.,Jnderwriters' Laboratories, Inc.



Has vertical boiler with

firebox. Red-enameled base


metal. Has water gauge,

safety valve and real whistle.


diameter balance

wheel. 11 inches high overall.

Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.


Horizontal-electric. 110--120-voltAC-

DC. Polished brass boiler, whistle.

Red-enameled flare-top stack and "fire

box." Metal base. Nickel-plated balance

wheel. Water gauge; safety valve. Steam

pipe leads from boiler to piston-cylinder.

8 inches high overall. Use standard ap–

pliance cord. Cord not included.

79 N 05303-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.... $6.69

49 N 5302 .. .. ... .. $.4.49



luxe Electric-horizontal Boiler. Our_ biggest, finest, most powe_rful !

Heats with 110-120-volt AC or DC. .Boiler, water gauge cocks, whistle,

steam pipes all polished brass. Nickel-plated


diam. balance wheel.

Safety valve; glass water gauge. 11 in. high to top of tapered stack.


N 05304- Use standard cord (not included.) Shpg. wt. 4 lbs . $8.89



' b .,d, they said, 'a tower


S UI •

. .

to the winds that blow'



Little E-Zee Printer

• Designed by an expert printer

• Sturdy all-metal construction

• Operates rapidly and effortlessly

• Prints f9ur clear, uniform lines

Educational! Practical! Useful!

More than a toy-designed to teach

boys and girls to set type by hand.

Print letterheads, tickets, cards.

Actual printers' metal type. Ink,

paper, alphabet, numeral characters

included. Metal type case with com–

partments -real printers' model.



in. high.

49 N 4601-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.$8.98

Make Lead Soldiers

10-pc. set turns out realistic metal

soldiers about 2 in. high. Paint and

brush included to finish them. Set

includes 2-piece mold which makes 3

figures at a time; 2 wood handles,

candle for smoking mold; electric

metal stove, approved by Under–

writers' Labs., Inc. for 110-120-volt

AC-DC; 11


metal ladle, 2 bot–

tles of paint, brush, 16 bars lead

alloy for casting. Let him "muster

an army." Packed in 19x10-in. box.

Shipping wt. 4 lbs. 4 oz.

49 N 4648 . . .............


Burn pidures


designs on


Use paints and brush

for color-finishing

Make foil trans–

fers on leather

Air-Cooled Wood-burning Sets

A fascinating and easy art ••• outlining, shading, lettering




lu~e Combina~on


Set with special extra pomt

for finer foil-writing .. . material

for leather-tooling. Create designs on wood,

leather, metal, paper, plastic! Children can

make home decorations, gifts, things to sell.

7-in. bakelite Burn-Rite pen; extension cord.

2 detachable points, 6 wood plaques, 4 tubs

of paint, 5 useful leather objects, 2 rolls

foil, transfer sheet, paint brush, and sand–

paper. Shipping weight 2 pounds 12 ounces.

49 N 4799 . . ............ , .......... $3.79

49 N 4647-10 extra Plaques.

Shipping weight 1


......·....... 89C

Bectric pens approved




oratories, Inc., for 11 0-120-valt AC-DC.


16-pc. Wood-bum-


ing and Fail-writing

Set. Decorate wood

plaques by burning designs into

them. Put your initials or other de–

signs in colored foil on leather, paper,

wood; simply place sheet of foil over

piece to be decorated ... pen trans–

fers foil onto work-surface. 7-in.

bakelite Burn-Rite pen with cork

grip; extension cord. Pen with de–

tachable point, 8 plaques, 2 pieces

foil, 3 tubs of paint, brush, sand–

paper. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz.

49 N 4645... . . . ...... ... . $2.29