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Bright metal Icicles that glitter and dance on your tree


you need

for Christmas may

be bought on


Convenient Easy Pay–

ment Plan.

See page

256 for information.



Icicles. Lovely silvery strands that catch light and


color from other tree ornaments to make your tree a spar-

Spiral Icicles. Bright silver-color plating over flat copper 39c

wire-coiled into a spring-like spiral. Hung from tree

kling delight.Thin, flame-proof metal ribbons about 10 inch- 3 boxes

es long-c1;mped to reflect light. "Drip" gracefully from branches.

Separate individual strands-light and loose, not stuck together–

carefully folded over a card to prevent tangling. 6 ounces of icicles.

49 N 6552-Shipping weight 10 ounces. 3 boxes ............ 32c

they vibrate gently with every tremor, reflecting hun-



dreds qf pinpoints of light. Extended length 5Y2 inches. Made

entirely of metal-nothing to burn. Packed 8 to a box, each in own

compartment-total 32 icicles. Stay like new for many seasons.

49 N 6584- Shipping weight 8 ounces. 4 boxes. ... _. .... 39c

Gay touches of holiday spirit for a festively decorated tree


1)/g-in. diam. Aluminum foil Roping. For doorway, tree.

49 N 6583-15 ft. long. Silver-color. Shpg. wt. 4 oz. 27c


:111-in. diam. Bright red cellophane Roping. Won't flame.

49 N 6573-24 ft. long. Crisp, sparkling. Shpg. wt.4oz.27C



diam. Silver tinsel Garland. Like sparkling ice.

49 N 6557-Silver-plated, 12 ft. long. Shpg. wt. 3 oz.29C


:111-in. diam. Silver tinsel Garland. Drape on tree.

49 N 6556-Silver-plated, 18 ft. long. Shpg. wt. 3 oz.29C

Metal foil Blinker Assortment.


Unbreakable, shiny silver-


color foil with variety of color-lac–

quered surfaces. Set consists of 6 balls

(2)/g to 4)/g in. diam.), 5 bells, 3 stars,

5 cookie shapes, and garland of about

50 discs. All fold flat for convenient

storage. Feather-light-slightest air

current makes them spin,giving dazzle

to tree. Tie string on each.

49 N 6511-Shpg. wt. 4 oz ..... 32c

Striped rayon


Canes. Bright


red spiral stripes on white

-just like the nld-fash–

ioned candy canes except

they're made of soft rayon.

18 in box; 4% inches long.

Hook over Christmas tree

branches. Delight the kid–

dies! Shpg. wt.10oz.

49 N 6617-Box of 18.44c

14-pc. Chenille


Set. Consists of

one 4-in. Santa, one 4-in.

silver color center star, two

3!'2-in. Christmas flowers,

four 2'%-in. wreaths, six

7-in. icicles (3 red, 3 white).

All wire-twisted chenille.

Gay Christmas colors.

49 N 6683-Shipping

weight 5 ounces ...... 55c

'Christmas spirit' Decorations-Electric Novelties-Replacement Bulbs


White Catton Batting. Flame

resistant. For "snow-drift,,

at base of your tree and many

other decorative uses. Roll 30x

44 inches long. Shipping weight

12 ounces.

49 N 6504 ............. 34c


Angel Hair. Shiny, flame re-

sistant spun glass. Makes a

beautiful misty web over tree.

Enhances beauty of ornaments

and lights. Shpg. wt. 10 oz.

49 N 6502-3 boxes .. .. . . 31c


8-light Candolier.



Tree-top Star. White enam-


Mirror-Star Reflectors. Enhance beauty of lamps. Card-

slender fiber candles on

eled metal center with 5

board, mounted star points of mirror glass.

20Y2-l'n. long wood base. All

clear glass star points. Red elec-


N 6530-3 in. across. Shpg. wt. 8 oz. Box of 8 .42c

ivory-color enameled. 8 series- tric lamp makes edges of glass


C 6


· 1


h h





• Indoor Electric lamps. Series type, 15-volt.

type amps me·


m. ig ·

pomts g ow right red when

49 N 6507-Colorvariety. Shpg. wt.6 oz.Boxof14.$1.05

49 N 6227-Shipping

lighted. 9 inches across. Cord

weight 1 pound 8 oz.... $2.19 and lamp included.


Electric Candle. Single tap-

ered 9Y2-in. fiber candle

with lamp. Candle and 3Y2-in.

diameter wood base are ivory–

color enameled.

49 N 6225-Shpg.wt.8 oz.59c

49 N 6565-Shipping

weight 1 pound.. . . . . . .



Tree-top Spire.


plastic, 9% inches tall.

Bright red color-lacquered.

49 N 6614-Shpg.wt.4oz.47c


C-9Y:z Outdoor lamps. Multiple type {independent-burn–

ing). For 110-120 volt AC-DC. Color variety. ·

49 N 65.10-Shpg. wt. 10 oz. Box of 8 ........... $1.10


Bubble-lite lamps. Series type, 15 volt. See page 206 for

_ description. Interchangeable with C-6 type lamps.

49 N 6541-Color variety. Shpg. wt. 3 oz. Box of