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wool worsted baby shaker


A warm, smartly styled pull-


over that will please that man

this Christmas . • . at a price well

within most gift budgets. Note these Pilgrim

quality features: Soft, 2-ply all wool worsted

yarns (double strands tightly twisted together

for extra strength) knit in fine baby shaker

stitch. Knit-on, snug fitting rib cuffs and bot–

tom; trim V-neck. Taped neck and shoulder

scams give lasting good fit. Medium weight.

Solid colors he'll like. Hand wash separately.



36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 inches.


state si.i:.e.

Shipping weight 1 pound 1 ounce.

83 N 2029-Camcl (med.) tan

83 N 2031-Maroon

83 N 2030-Mcdium blue.... ...... .. $3.98

Novel design ••. 2-ply worsted


A new, warm and colorful pull-




over with novel "zig-zag all

around" pattern. It's sure to make

a hit with the man who likes sports clothes. Knit

of warm, long wearing 100% wool worsted,

2-ply yarns (tightly twisted double strands of

long fibered yarns assure greater strength).

Rib cuffs and bottom have elastic knit-in for


snugfit.Smartlooking, trim V-neck.

Shoulder and neck scams arc knit taped for last–

ing good fit. Hand wash separately.


small (34-36-inch chest); medium (38-

40); large (42-44).

Stale si;:.e.

Shpg. wt. 14 oz.

83 N 2024-Light tan with brown pattern.

83 N 2025- Royalblucwithrcdpattcrn.$4.98

Dashing Tee Shirts men like so well

Fine Zephyr Wool and Mohair

(!)A high quality Pilgrim tail-


ored pullover of a warm,

soft, all wool blend of 90%

Zephyr, 10% kid mohair ... a combination

that wears unusually well . Lightweight,

slightly brushed, knit in fine-gauge baby

shaker stitch ... warm, smart, not bulky;

comfortable under a suit coat. Tape rein–

forced neck and shoulder seams resists stretch–

ing. Knit-on rib cuffs and bottom. Trim V–

neck. Hand wash separately.

Chest .•izes

36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 inches.

Please state siz<.

Shipping weight 14 ounces.

83 N 2026-Camel (medium) tan

83 N 2027·-Maize-(yellow)

83 N 2028-Mcdium blue ...... ..



Gay Jacquard knit-in design



a _double "thank you"


give him one of these au–

thentic Jacquard pattern pull-

overs ... he'll wear it with lasting pride for

it's one of the most outstanding styles of the

Christmas season. Handsome reindeer-snow–

flake design knit of warm, sturdy 100% wool

worsted. Stylish, double thick, rib knit crew

neck holds shape. Solid color, knit-on cuffs,

bottom. Reinforced shoulder, neck scams.

Hand wash separately. Shpg. wt. 14 oz.


small (34-36-inch chest); medium

(38-40); large (42-44).

Please stale siq.

83 N 2022- Navy background

83 N 2023-Maroon background . . .. $5.98

[] Solid colors, solid


Close, flat knit of combed

cotton. Short sleeves. Hand washable.



(34-36-inch chest); medium (38-40); large (42-44).

Please slate siu.

Shipping weight 6 ounces.



83 N 1838-Tan 83 N 1839-White

83 N 1840-Bluc............. . . ....•........ 94C


"Buccaneer" stripes. Flat knit combed cotton. Short

sleeves. Taped neck, shoulder scams. Hand washable.


small (34-36-inch chest); medium (38-40); large


Please stale siu.

Shipping weight 7 ounces.

83 N 1827-Bluc 83 N 1828-Maroon

83 N 1829- Brown ..... .... . ............. . $1.09


Jacquard knit-in pattem. Novel cotton knit. Short

sleeves. White rib-knit bottom. Hand washable.


small (34-36-inch chest); medium (38-40); large


Pl1ase slate


Shipping weight 11 ounces.

83 N 1795-Maroon on white

83 N 1796-Blue on white .................. $1.94


Fancy knit-in pattem, long sleeves. Cotton, novel

stitch. Solid color rib-knit bottom. Hand washable.


small (34-36-inch chest); medium {38-40); large


Please stale size.

Shipping weight 12 ounces.

83N 1797-Blue

83N 1798-Maroon...... $1.94